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A few weeks back I shared about a new little idea I was pursuing with the blog called Design a New Me. Since then I've struggled over how best to brain in idea overload. And then I remembered "The Sound of Music" a perennial favorite, and Maria...when trying to explain music to the kids: "Let's start at the very beginning...a very good place to start." Oh Julie Andrews and your cute little face! So wise so wise.

So here is the very beginning. What I wrote on June 2, 2014, that got this whole process started and got me thinking.

June 2
Our son turned nine this weekend. He also earned his first trophy at his first ever karate tournament. It was one of those “I’m so proud of my kid” weekends. The night of the tournament, as we’re tucking him into bed, he burst into tears – thanking us for supporting him, for taking him to karate, for being his parents, for loving him so much. He told us we’re his most valuable things. 

Anyone who knows my kid personally knows this is not new behavior. He was overwhelmed at our church’s Thanksgiving service, so grateful for all his blessings, he was crying at my brother’s wedding because of the wonderful things that his uncle and aunt said to one another, and his most prized possession is a bear his great-grandmother gave to him. But his tender heart is not the point of all this (yeah, he doesn’t get the tender from me). The point in telling you all this is that there, right then in that moment, I made a decision. I decided I wanted to be around for a lot MORE of these moments. 

He’s only nine, but I’m turning 40 this year. I have high blood pressure, I don’t sleep well, I stress out WAY more than I relax, and I am a slave to my to-do lists and not at all spontaneous. I don’t exercise (unless you count going up and down the stairs 54 times because I keep forgetting one thing or another) and I have road rage. I am a model candidate for a stern talking to with my primary care doctor. 

Oh, I don’t floss either. So I guess my dentist will get in on this conversation too. 

And so, I have decided to start a new thread…ha ha, sewing humor…and begin to Design a New Me. I’d like to identify areas of my life that I would like to work on and take steps to get me there. 

Personal goals. Business goals. Relational goals. Whatever. 

Put one foot in front of the other and celebrate my successes and learn from my failures. I have talked about this a lot….I guess that’s the point. Talk. But not do. Do for 3 days, but not beyond that. So this time, I’m not telling anyone but myself. For now. I’m going to try to do more than I say, rather than say more than I do. That, in and of itself, will be hard! 

My son says: "Did you take a selfie? Your face looks weird!" 

First order of business was to start working on my health. But other goals followed:
- be present for my kids instead of wrapped up in technology (HARD with an online business).
- be a bold and confident example for my kids, my daughter especially.
- use my business to make a positive impact on my community.
- actively choose joy every day.
- take full advantage of the amazing opportunity we have to live in a new place, so close to family.

These are some of my broad strokes that I hope to flesh out in the weeks and months to come. 

And one little celebration: I'm down 7 pounds since that June 2 entry! Hooray!

Would you like to tag along? I'd LOVE to have you! Share your Design a New Me goals in the comments below and look for tagged blog posts in the future for reports along the way. Also, if your on Instagram, follow me @daisylanedesign and post pictures of your successes using #designanewme. 


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Allison said…
I've kind of been on the same thought train. The first thing I am working on is eating/drinking healthier. About a week ago I cut out sugar sodas. Its been tough but I already see a difference in how my pants fit.
That is GREAT!!! It is hard to take that first step, but once I start seeing results, it motivates me to keep on keeping on. I have decided that this time it is a marathon, not a sprint. A lifestyle change - I have to be patient! Good luck!

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