My Year of Less: Why...Part 2.

April 2019

There have been fewer entries lately.
Less writing.

Side note: Do you know that lots of people get the "when to use less vs. fewer" thing confused? Pro tip: when the thing can be counted, use fewer. Three entries, one entry...fewer entries. When the thing is a big glommy idea that can't be parsed out into individual units, use less...less writing. Of course, it's the English language, so I'm sure there are exceptions and loopholes. But I digress.

Back to writing.

I've been cryptically saying that "Life is very lifey right now" for several weeks in all the places, and hoo! Man, is that true. We have been extremely very busy with all of the things. School, family, work - all the usual stuff. Running several small businesses - the slightly more unusual stuff. Doing several remodel projects in the house all at the same time - all the necessary stuff. And a Year of Less, kick-started by a gigantic declutter, was a well-timed decision to helping to ease all the stuff. But I've left out a large part in our why...until now.

After 6 years of living in NJ, our family will be moving back to CO this summer.

Now, those of you who know us personally are probably not at all surprised. We move. A lot. This will be the 5th move across the country in our marriage. Yes, fifth. All the fingers on one hand. U-Haul loves us. And you same good people know we like living in Colorado. A lot. We met there, I moved out there right after we were married, both our kids were born there, we left home (there) in 2013 to move home (I grew up here) and we always knew we'd move back.

And now the timing is right. The kids are about to start their high school years. And while there are so many reasons to stay - family, friends, both our businesses, our most favorite house we've ever lived in, I am focusing on less. Just the 4 of us. And for us, Colorado is a better fit.

The next few months are going to be busy. Jam packed. Dare I say overwhelming? Yes. And yet I am committed to focusing on each day's task and accomplishing it. I'm becoming quite adept at compartmentalizing. Looking at less, so that I can do more. It's working. So far! I'll keep you posted on how things are going (for the next two weeks it'll be lots of packing and getting rid of even MORE stuff) and share, as I can, the plans we have for moving forward. You will always be able to find me online, just the same as always, no matter where I live. And now just think - if you've never been to Colorado, you have a reason to visit!

:) allison


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