Start With a Foundation

It's the last day of January as I write this. 

Somewhere back in the week between Christmas and New Year's, I came across an invitation on Facebook from one of the pages that I follow called The Business Bakery. (This link is actually to her website). Julia was starting up a round of her 100 Day Goals and on a whim I decided to join. Not a whim, really. More like the act of a desperate woman. I wanted to make 2018 the year that all the things happened. I thought that having 100 days to work on it would be a great way to start and be a big first step. 

Step 1 of the 100 Day Goal? Pick 1 goal. It can be big and it can be scary, it can be for business or it can be personal, but when you boil down all the parts, it's just 1 goal. Not 100 Goals. 100 days toward 1 goal. And I immediately started to panic. Because I wanted to be more organized AND make healthier choices AND exercise more AND work on my business AND figure out my parenting life AND be a better (insert all the words here). 

And Julia kept sending us perky and encouraging emails about how there are 3 days to go and 2 days to go and the pit in my stomach got bigger - over goal setting you guys! And I flailed...trying to grasp at the one thing that would tie all the other things together and make it all make sense in my brain and then finally it hit me:

My Goal? Focus on the Foundation

A foundation, according to Merriam-Webster is "a basis upon which something stands, or is supported....a body or ground upon which something is built up or overlaid." And for some reason the word foundation stuck with me. 

It could have been because I was also reading The Business Boutique by Christy Wright at the time. This book was all about writing a business plan, the start of which had you looking guessed it...your foundation. Your why. Why do you do what you do? Why do you make what you make? Why do you sell what you sell? Her examples all came from her mom's cake making business. So I had a cake making whisperer in one ear and a Business Bakery lady in the other. You know how much I love cake and donuts, right?

And so I mulled on the

A foundation isn't sexy. It's not the flashy part. It's not the pretty fabric. And it's not the Instagram post with the most amount of likes. It's not the sales target or the thing that you brag about. It's usually not even seen! It's the gray boring stuff that goes deep. It's the roots. It's the unseen parts of the iceberg. But it is The. Most. Important. Part. And it is the thing upon which all the other stuff stands. 

I thought. What is my foundation? What is my most important part? It took me a while. A few days actually. I'm ashamed to admit it. Because my most important part...what had been anyway for a long long time, was Jesus. And what hasn't been the most important part for a long long time, was Jesus. And it suddenly made sense why I felt like I was flailing around. And spinning without a compass. And aimlessly trying this and that. And throwing a bunch of stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks - in just about every aspect of my life!! Because I had forgotten my Foundation. I had pitched a tent somewhere in the backyard of my life and was trying to go it alone from there. 

In that moment, everything else fell away. All the Resolutions. All the Goals. All the Planning and Vision Boards, and Bullet Journaling, and Mantras. Not that that stuff isn't good. Not that I won't eventually get to every ONE of those things (except maybe bullet journaling, cause that sounds confusing). But before I could I had to work on my Foundation. I needed to start a practice of inviting Him, my Jesus, back into all the things that I do. 

I don't normally talk like this. But this is how I've been spending my last 31 days. Yes, sewing and cleaning and parenting and doing all the things that I've normally done since forever. But for just about each one of the last 31 days, I've also carved out some time for connecting with God. Working on my foundation. It feels good to stand there again. And I can't wait to see what gets built upon it. 

:) allison 


Val said…
I love this very much....

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