School Supply Budgeting

My Two Cents
This month I released a back to school/school supplies cash envelope and we did a fun giveaway for 2 fans! The school supply cash envelope has also been available on Etsy for the month and is still available for the next few days until the October envelope comes out.

Love this print by Erin McMorris. It's called Apple Valley in Periwinkle and it's available by the yard at Frame & Fiber as well as in my Etsy shop.

The good thing about school supplies is that while it seems that we have to spend more and more each year (hello middle school with its supplies for each subject and some specials too!) they only come around once a year and you can totally prepare WAY in advance. And, if you catch all the right back to school sales, some of the items on your list literally cost pennies.

So why not save those pennies for your school supplies? Pennies are not the most popular coin. In fact, just this month, when a semi overturned on the highway spilling penny blanks all over the roadway, NJ got into much debate as to whether or not the US mint should even continue making them.

But I say yes to pennies! I will collect you, and wrap you, and turn you into dollar bills. I will save those dollar bills in my apple/school supplies cash envelope. And next September, I will take those dollars to the store and buy my kids' school supplies. Or at least some of them. We'll see just how far penny pinching can take me...

:) allison


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