Create and Donate - Pencil Cases

I'm blown away.

Honestly you guys, floored. It has been awhile since I've hosted a Create and Donate - over a year in fact. And I'm not going to lie - I wasn't so sure how it was going to go. I thought that maybe I hadn't organized it well enough or publicized it enough. And then you guys showed up.

Before even starting today's Sew, I had received donations to sponsor 12 pencil cases, and a very generous cash donation to purchase school supplies to fill them. Then we had a little mini army show up to make 6 more and to help me get a large portion of that work done this afternoon. Before we were all done, 2 more cases were spoken for, and Paige reminded me that a customer had come in and picked up a kit to make one of the pencil cases herself. 

All tolled, that's 21 pencil cases that will be going out to kids in need. 

We got a little more than 1/2 of them done today...

We had a little assembly line going. 
Cutting ribbon tabs...

Cutting fabric pieces...

Ironing fabric and interfacing...

Zipper instruction and insertion...

Completed bags and students with new skills...

Paige will love me for this picture in the morning...

The gang's all here...

These pencil cases and their school supplies are going off to children in the tutoring programs at Aslan Youth Ministries.They have programs that serve students in the Red Bank, Asbury Park and Long Branch areas. 

How you can still help:
We are having another Open Sew to finish up the pencil cases we didn't get to today. That will be held on Sunday, September 18 from 1-4 at Frame in Fiber, 1004 Trenton Ave in Point Pleasant. It is an open house type format. Come when you can in that window of time and I'll help you put together a pencil case. You'll need about 45 minutes-an hour. 

The money we have received so far will purchase a good portion of the supplies, but whatever other donations we receive, we'll continue to pass them on to the program - you can donate money or supplies themselves. Ideas include:
Elmer's glue
glue sticks
Expo markers
pink erasers get the idea. You can drop supply donations off at Frame and Fiber through the September 18 Open Sew. 

The tutoring program itself starts at the beginning of October, so I will use the last 2 weeks or so of September to organize supplies and stuff pencil cases. Then the donations will be brought and donated to Aslan. 

Thank you again for everyone who has participated! And don't worry - we'll keep doing these community events. I really do like them so much!

Have a great week!
:) allison


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