The Unexpected Mother's Day

Yesterday Didn't Go Quite as Expected...

I knew my plans for "The Perfect Mother's Day" were heading off course the day before. I was hosting for my parents, my brother and his wife and my husband's friend who is staying with us for the week. I carefully and lovingly made a sour cream cake, one that my mom used to make with her mom. The cake decided to get stuck in the pan - peeling the whole top layer off. I was able to puzzle piece it back together and then the dog jumped up on the counter and inspected my work. So I wound up cutting a chunk out of the top where he got close.

Just before serving the masterpiece, I added powdered sugar. I went back to add a little extra to the missing top piece, and accidentally unscrewed the lid to the sugar shaker, dumping about 1/4 cup of powdered sugar in that one spot. So I had to cut the whole piece away and throw it out.

In the morning we woke up to a sick kid. He had been feeling a little off the night before and didn't feel like doing much but lay in bed come morning. Both my kids have lost their screen privileges this week because sometimes it's the only leverage you have as a parent. So instead of spending the morning at church with the fam, we were at home, where he languished and moaned and lamented about if ONLY he had something to do that was relaxing and would make him feel better, aka video games. And then - gasp - he played with some of his toys. 

My husband had to work for most of the day. His business is moving from its temporary location to its larger, permanent home and he only has a week to get all the heavy lifting done. So, with my blessing, he scooted off to get things done early Sunday morning. Just before cranking up the truck, he rushed back into the house with this orchid! He is not much of a flower-giver so this was most unexpected. (Trust me, he more than makes up for it in 1000 other ways - for one, he washes the dishes every. single. day. Not just when there is company, but even when it's just the 4 of us. Sorry ladies, he's mine!) 

He had kept the orchid in the garage overnight because of the surprise factor. But it's been like the tundra here and a little too harsh for a delicate orchid. So one of the 4 blooms fell off before he could present it. 

I tried to follow a recipe on Pinterest. Seemed simple enough. Fresh veggies. A dip. Thin strips of zucchini. Take strip. Spread dip. Layer veggies. Roll roll roll. Veggie sushi - voila! What could go wrong? Thin, limp, seed-ridden zucchini strips that looked like octopus tentacles - that's what. I made two for effect and put the rest of the veggie strips in canning jars with the dip nearby. If you want to see what it's "supposed" to look like: you can click right here.

It rained super hard in the morning. NOT unexpected, since it had been doing that and not much else for the entire week. But what WAS unexpected was the fact that it cleared up, the clouds went away, the sun came out and we had a glorious, very Colorado-esque sky for the whole afternoon. 

I gave my son some Advil and allergy meds (I think that's mostly what we've been dealing with this season. It seems every week they have a head-cold-thing going on, but I think it's just that NJ plant life is finally catching up with them and yep - they've got seasonal allergies like their mom. :( But he was feeling so much better, we just had to get out in the nice weather. So we drove out to get some plants, and they planted their garden plots. They are involved in a Junior Master Gardeners program here in town, and aside from a little reminder here and there about spacing, they laid out their plants all on their own, including the ones they bought for me with their own money. 

My son even planted a pot of begonias for his great-grandma (in the little pot, just above the watering can). She passed last August and he was her little buddy. 

After planting, they busied themselves with kid stuff upstairs and I dragged some living room furniture out to the front porch for lunch. In the sunshine. By myself. Soup and toast and a good book. Um...swoon. Perfect afternoon. So what if we don't have patio furniture?

Our daughter gave me a card for Mother's Day. On the front cover is a picture of me. Looking like a man. Or a character from The Bee Movie. But completely accurate. Striped t-shirt, jeans, short hair, blue eyes. She gets me. 

Inside she wrote the most lovely things. Things I'll keep close to my heart for the rest of my life. One unexpected thing she wrote was that I "never give up." That stopped me dead in my tracks. Because I often want to give up. I often feel inadequate - as a mother, wife, homemaker, and certainly as a business owner. I feel like it would be a huge relief to give up the business part of my life, get a regular job where I just have to show up and do what they tell me. I asked her what she meant - that I never give up. She said -

"Even when you mess up, like on something in the sewing room or something else you're trying, you don't give up. You take it apart or try it again and make it better."

From the mouths of babes.

This is how she sees me.

This is how I WANT her to see me.

This is how I want her to see herself.

Mother's Day was perfect - probably my favorite in many many years. My family came. They ate ALL the food. And the cake. We planted a garden, enjoyed the sunshine, got chores done, and snuggled. I spent most of the day with just my kids. It wasn't fancy, it didn't go as planned. Heck, I didn't even get a shower.

But it was perfect.

And unexpected.

And I'm here today, writing you, because I choose to never give up.

:) allison


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