Behind the Seams - April

Family Hike Day

Yesterday we took the family up to Stokes State Forest for a little hike. My husband has an Adventure Fitness Center for kids and teens called Base Camp here in NJ, and part of his program is encouraging whole families to join us out in nature at different sites around the area and enjoy a day together hiking. We go about once a month and yesterday we explored a few trails in Stokes. It was the most perfect day and everyone had a lot of fun. One of the families had never before been on a hike! 

Stokes is large and there is lots to see. We explored the Stony Lake area. Our group ranged in age from 7 years old - 50 something, and had all levels of hiking experience from very beginner to advanced. 

The waterfall in the area was everyone's favorite. I caught a moment of my son's quiet contemplation. 

My daughter and her teen idol :). Matching step, stance and hair style. If I could hand-pick any teen for her to look up to, I couldn't have chosen any better!

Hi! That's me, at our lunch spot - next to an abandoned silver mine.

One of the teens from our homeschool program...

Stony Lake itself.

Four little fishy explorers.

Getting outside is so refreshing. Can't wait until the next trip!

:) allison


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