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Just A Few Goings On...
Fabric has been purchased for the Customer Design Contest winning design and I will be starting on making 2 of those in the coming weeks. One will go to our idea submitter, Lydia, and one will be given away to a DLD fan. Stay tuned.

16 new bolts of Free Spirit Fabric have been delivered this week. They are all listed and available on the Etsy site in the Fabric by the Yard section of the shop. They are also available for any item that I case you are not a sewer yourself. These bolts will also be available locally at Paige's shop when her renovation is complete. You guys, I was there this week - and it is looking FABULOUS!

State pillow cases, right now all NJ, are here! The first 8 from the pre-sale are just about done and will be mailed out this week. If you'd like to purchase...for any town in NJ or any of the 50 United States, come check out the listing here.

I will be doing a pop-up shop on Saturday, March 19 at Urban Exchange in Point Pleasant. I'll have a table of DLD things with an eye towards the reclaimed and recycled. While I was there chatting with the owner, I snatched up this black and white skirt and can't wait to pair it with a fun lemon print I have in the shop. Should be a fun little piece.

I've also signed up to be a part of the Made in Monmouth Expo at Monmouth University on April 9, but more on that later.

Finally, and most importantly, I got to church and the beach today.

It has been a rough few weeks for me and my family. We've been battling with sickness, and some hard news from our little town back in Colorado. I have felt like I've mostly been going through the motions, and work has felt like work. I've been lonely and moody and have found solace in things that fill time and space, but don't really fill you up. (you know, like binge watching Netflix and eating sleeves of cookies)

Today, more out of duty than desire, our family as a whole went to church. It's been a while since we've all been able to be there and to start the service, I just wanted to be alone. But as the message came, and the words sank in, a healing started to take place and these three things rang true:

Faith is a muscle that doesn't grow without exercise.
Trials and tests will last until I learn from them.
When you come to know Jesus it is both an instant transformation and a lifelong journey.

Sometimes you just need to hear truth. And put it in your pocket. And take it home with you.

After church we went to the beach and I found this shell. I don't quite know what kind of shell it is. It's not one I usually find at the beach. It is both broken and beautiful. How I've been feeling, and how Jesus says I look to him.

Sometimes you just need to hear truth. And put it in your pocket. And take it home with you.

Here's to a better week. One that is started re-focused and re-prioritized. 

:) allison


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