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Feeling a Little Bit More Myself -

For those who read last week's post, things are on an uptick. The weather has been better, the sun has returned to its rightful place in the sky and this week we turn the calendar to March. (I am resolutely ignoring the prediction of snow for this coming Friday, thank you very much). Soon spring will be upon us and no one is happier than me!

I don't do so well during the winter. It's not necessarily the cold so much as it is the gray. It sinks into my bones and stays there. And while on the surface, working from home during the short days and leaden skies of winter sounds like a cozy, snuggly winter-dreader's dream, it doesn't really work out that way. I have to leave the sanctuary of the shop which is not all that insulated and not much improved by the little space heater, and sew in my house. And then this happens:


But this week, things started to turn around.

For one thing, I had a long overdue sewing class with some of my favorite students. They finished up some totes they had been working on and created a whole new list of class ideas that they would like to pursue in the coming months.

Secondly, construction in the shop is mostly done! And I got to take all of the fabric back down to its rightful place and set it up in the new space. It looks so pretty and ready for projects!

Lastly, I made some appointments with friends for lunch dates and get togethers. Anyone want to get on my calendar for sushi?
:) allison


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