6th Annual Customer Design Contest

6th Annual Customer Design Contest and Giveaway!

It's everyone's favorite time of year - the design contest! Last year the design contest's winning idea was the Travel Cord Wrap. Submitted by Steph and voted on by you, this quickly became one of the shop's most popular items, selling out of every ready to ship one that I made as well as being ordered as a custom request several times.

And now it's time to do it again! For those of you who are new to DLD, every January I ask for new and exciting design ideas to add to the shop. Customers submit ideas, and customers vote on which idea they like the best. I develop the winning idea into a prototype, with the help of the person who submitted it, and I make two identical versions of the item. The person who submitted the winning idea gets one of the completed prototypes. The other one is given away in a customer contest.
Excited?! Then read below how to submit your idea!

Design Contest Entry and Rules:
1. Submit an idea for a new Daisy Lane Design item in the comments section of this blog post by Friday, January 15, 5 pm Eastern. It can be anything I don't already make. 
  • If you're not familiar with my shop click on over here and take a peek around.
  • You can also see lots of what I do on my Facebook page or my Instagram feed.
  • One idea per person - if you have lots of ideas, pick your favorite and share below! Then write the rest of them down somewhere so you remember them for next year ;)
There aren't size rules this time, so let the creativity flow.
If two people submit the same idea, whoever leaves the idea first gets credit.
Make sure you leave your name so I know who to give credit to.

2. Once all the entries are in, I will compile a list of all the ideas submitted.
3. Voting will happen on the ideas themselves, without prototypes. All voting will be done on my Facebook page, via "likes"
4. The winning idea will be developed and two will be made. 

Two people will win!!! One will be the person who submitted the idea - so make sure it's a good one!
More on how we'll decide who wins the other one later. ;)

Hope you're as excited as I am!
Can't wait to see what you come up with this year!
:) allison


Anonymous said…
Yoga mat carrier..
Michele said…
Grocery cart cover
Michele said…
Smaller camera bag... Fits dsl camera and maybe filters and smaller accessories, with extra padding for it, but also place for purse items. Maybe a separate section/pocket for wallet, phone, keys etc.
Could you give me a little bit more info about what you mean by a grocery cart cover? For the handle? As a baby seat? Just want to be able to be clear when we list it as an option to vote on :) Thanks!
Anonymous said…
Yoga mat that Velcro's to hold the mat. It wont let me upload photo here, I will upload on FB for you to see the type I know many at yoga and the gym are looking for.
Michele said…
As a baby seat. Not that I need one for me. But I have seen them and most aren't very attractive. Just figured you could make one way better than I have seen.
Lydia Santoro said…
A pocketbook/bag that inside has another smaller bag, with a long shoulder strap. The small bag could maybe velcro or nest inside the larger bag. The smaller bag comes out so it can hold wallet, phone & keys to run into the store while big bag stays behind.
Lydia Santoro said…
Michele said…
Just saw this one... Reusable swifter covers that you can wash and reuse. http://dollarstorecrafts.com/2009/04/make-reusable-swiffer-covers/
Michele said…
Not sure if you did this one already... Reusable snack bags (to go with your sandwich bags). Can zip closed and be washable for small snack items.
I have reusable snack bags, yes. And don't hate me, but I think I'm going to make it one idea per person to keep it most fair, so let me know which of yours are your favorite and we'll go with that one, sound good?
Val said…
An Epi Pen carrier. In years past, they have been quite bulky and awkward, or just unavailable. Maybe big enough to throw a few benadryl in there as well :-) this would have changed my life 20 years ago-- maybe it will make a difference for kids today!
Val said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Idea submissions are closed.

Stay tuned for voting and a winner!
Michele said…
Sorry, meant to post this earlier but had date night instead. Let's go with the camera bag idea. One large enough to hold a dsl camera with lens, padded for that area. Separate section that would be more purse like with room for wallet, phone, and a few other incidentals for a purse. Maybe one more slot area for a pack of filters and cleaning cloths, etc. goal is to be the size of a large-extra large purse but with padded section to hold and protect a camera but still be comfortable to carry.

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