2015 Year in Review

What a good year it's been...
I like to take some time, in the breath between finishing up Christmas prep and jump starting the next year, to look back on the things I have accomplished or been involved in. To reflect on what went well, what needs improvement and the surprises along the way. And it's always good to see what you all have enjoyed, and let that shape where DLD goes in the coming year...

The Annual Design Contest and Giveaway.
This year's winner was the travel cord wrap. With over 20 sales on Etsy and several others out of local shops, I'd say that Steph's idea was a success! It is one of my go-to items when I travel and a lifesaver for keeping track of the family's cords, even when we're home. Look for more of these in the shop this year, and stay tuned - because January is design contest month!

I got the chance to partner with Jen and Mel of The Vintage Honey Shop this year for an amazing giveaway. They are a wildly popular teething necklace company on IG and have launched their own website this year as well. I have those ladies to thank for helping jump start my own Instagram feed and they were so sweet to gift me one of their necklaces. Would join forces with them again in a heartbeat!

Over spring break the family and I went to visit our home state of Colorado and I took you all along on the IG feed. We hiked, we sunned, we ate, we visited old friends. I earned a new appreciation for some down time and can't wait for our next family trip.

This spring I got to visit Etsy headquarters in Brooklyn. Weird that all the magic that happens with my shop is contained in offices filled with computers and computer code. I mean, it makes sense, seeing as it's an online marketplace, but you know what I mean. You could tell it was a fun place to work, with creativity everywhere, even in the day-to-day workings of a big company. The experience as a whole was surreal.

I had my first magazine feature this year! My little NJ heart bags made it into the pages of Inside Jersey magazine and the response was amazing. So much support from friends and family, tons of new orders and 15 minutes of fame.

Had my first real wholesale account experience this year too! I had the wonderful opportunity to partner with From the Garden next door in Freehold. Besides the fact that I just want to live in their store, Patty and her staff are just lovely and the honey and products they make are to die for! I was blessed to have my items available as part of their Christmas sets and I hope it is the start of a great relationship.

Lastly, and most excitedly, I dipped my toe in fabric retail! Choosing from some of my favorite fabric designers, I have started a collection of fabrics both through my Etsy store, and available at Great Pacific Frame Shoppe. These fabrics are available for purchase for all your sewing needs as well as available as selections for the items that I make in my shop. I hope to add more as time goes on.

And here are the things you loved about DLD, according to number of likes on IG. 

Cash envelopes are still super popular. And while you really enjoyed anything to do with coral...you were VERY excited about sets that had nothing to do with chevron. Duly noted. Alternate patterns, plaids and textural solids are coming!

Kid themed, kid inspired, kid designed and kid personalized items get your attention.
Like the wallet my son designed, perfect for some cash, change and a gift card or two. And this kid art converted to a stitched panel that I worked into a tote bag for the child's mom.

Anything to do with Copper makes you happy. You guys love this little stink. I don't get it (yes I do) but truly, in your eyes, our little Treeing Walker Hound can do no wrong. Anyone who would like to puppy sit...forever...feel free to get in touch. ;)

Flat lays of fabric combinations help you visualize what end products will look like and what colors look good together. I realize not everyone knows what fabrics to pick to go together, and this is part of my work that I love the most. So, more ready to ship sets and flat lays will be coming in the new year. All you have to do is love it and purchase - no waiting, no wondering of what it'll look like all together. 

Giving input on new items and giveaways get you involved. I loving hearing from you and finding out what colors and products and fabrics you like. And everyone loves to give their opinion and be involved when there is something to win for free! Do you know that I love your participation so much that several times a year I send a freebie to the first person who responds to call to action posts....just because?

You love personalized items that reflect your interests, your business or your child's memories.
Look for a customer appreciation/referral program coming this year for these types of items!

You all are really excited about me adding essential oil bags and accessories. I am very pleased with how the small bags sold this year, and will definitely be working on larger sets in 2016.

You like seeing behind the scenes pictures from the shop and works that I am testing. By far one of the most popular items I've never sold is this travel bag. I need to make that happen soon!

You like themed and specific items, like this ballet bag. It falls into the "a place for everything and everything in its place" theory of organizing, and I could not agree more. Where are your dance class supplies? Why in your tutu dance bag of course!

You really go for matching and coordinating sets of items that all work together, but can also be used separately. Well, that just makes sense, no?

Most of all, you like it when I share bits of my life that have nothing to do with sewing.
Like that time I bought an old hoosier cabinet off Craig's List...

Or when I share my knitting or crocheting projects...

Or when I share how the kids help out in the shop...

Or what I'm cooking during the week...

You especially like to see what the kids are up to -

And us living our life at The Jersey Shore.

That's the good stuff really. And I promise to share more of the good stuff in 2016.
The best way to follow along is on Instagram - all these pics came off this year's feed. If you're not already following, click on over and do so! I'd love to have you. If you're not on IG, Facebook is your next best bet.

Thanks for a fabulous 2015!

:) allison


Anonymous said…
May 2016 be even MORE successful for you.
Still looking to collaborate with you on a design or 2. :)

PS Joseph, my design partner and I are looking for someone highly skilled working with an industrial sewing machine which we have in our studio, to sew an oversized pillow.
It involves putting in a 5' zipper and sewing the 2 sides together with piping (the piping is already made)
We would appreciate any leads you could give us.
Don't like to use Criagslist for projects like this.
Karen La Du
Thanks Karen, all the best to you as well.

As for the pillow and industrial machine, you may want to check with the home dec department at Stitch N Sew. I know they do re-upholstery work, perhaps they can help. :)

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