Love Drives Out Fear

When I first planned on this fundraiser, I had no idea what the month had in store. I merely wanted to help a friend, as many had helped me in the get her name and her business out there, to raise a little money for her and her family, to raise some awareness about adoption. 

And then a lot of things happened, especially this last week. World things - the horrors in Paris. Controversial things - should our nation welcome or refuse the ever growing number of refugees. Personal things - we've had a very sick little girl over here this week. Work things - no matter what is going on, every day counts down closer to Christmas and I have responsibilities and deadlines for that. 

I found myself overwhelmed. By the news, by stress, by busyness, by appointments, by exhaustion. I was being consumed, in all those things, by fear. Fear of the things that we can't control, fear of the real evils in the world, fear of my child not getting well, fear of her trying a medicine she's never used, fear of not meeting my deadlines, fear of disappointing people. 

All the while, I was making things for this fundraiser. And they all had to do with love. 

Adoption is about the most loving things I can think of. To raise another person's child as your own is quite possibly the most amazing and selfless thing. I know that there are a lot of things that can cause fear when thinking about adoption. They are the fears that I considered and then used to dismiss the possibility of adopting ourselves:

- It's too expensive, we'll never come up with the money.
- What if the birth family wants the child back?
- What if there is something wrong with the child we adopt?
- What will having an adopted child in our family "do" to the kids we already have?

But raising a child, any child, is scary business. Through our fertility issues, false alarm, pre-eclampsia, and the premature birth of our daughter, there was enough fear and stress for a lifetime. And that was just the beginning! Every day is another temptation to fear for them. But I would never pass up the chance to love them. 

I don't feel like called to adoption like my friend, Dawn, does. I don't know that it will never be in the cards for us, but right now it's not. I do know, however, that adoption is teaching me so much about love.

I don't want want to be ruled by fear. I want to be moved by love. "There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear..." I John 4:18a. Jesus is that perfect love.

So, as the fears around me rise, I remind myself "But, Jesus."

But, there are terrors in this world, Lord.
But, there are things I can't control.
But, I fear for my children.
But, everyone will laugh at me.

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