Confession #9

I have a love/hate relationship with my phone.

The single greatest invention to individual, online sales is the smart phone. You can literally contact, interact, answer, shop for, post and list anything about your shop and for your shop at any time, anywhere.

And the single most invasive invention to individual, online sales is the smart phone.

Not because you the customer reach out at all hours of the day - and sometimes night, because some of you live in places like Australia! But because we carry our phones around as little extensions of ourselves, feeling the urgency to answer each text, email, Etsy convo, tweet, Facebook message, and Instagram comment instantly. As if the world will collapse, or the sale will fade away like a mist if we don't touch base the instant we receive a message or a question.

(Incidentally, my phone just went off, alerting me of an Etsy conversation - haha! - which I will dutifully ignore until I'm done here, because if for no other reason....Confession #7)

And, coincidentally, my "friend" Hands Free Mama was chatting about just this thing in her post from today.

The very thing that makes smart phones awesome is the very thing that makes them terrible. They make us available to all the people in our lives 24 hours a day. Yay! And also boo.

We don't have a house phone, so that means that the only way people can get in touch with us is through our cell phones. Our family and friends. The school. I do actually have to carry it with me all the time, especially when the kids are not home.

But my phone has become a habit much more than it is a tool for doing business or staying available for my kids. And since there are articles such as one I read about 10 things you can do while you wait  in line instead of getting on your phone, I'm guessing that it's kind of a habit for a lot of other people too.

I could, really and truly, check all my business stuff in the coffee hour I give myself before the kids get up. Then set that sucker aside and not touch it unless it rings or there is a text until the end of the day. Life would go on. And I would probably be more productive for it.

I might - just for fun - delete all my apps for a few days and put my theory to the test.

:) allison


Anonymous said…
Turn your phone off when you are with your children.
I turn mine off at night. I never use it while waiting in a line.
I didn't have a smart phone until last year.
I have no alert for texts. If you need me desperately, you can call.
The phones are a tool, they have some clever things that they enable us to do, but for the most part, I long for the days when they didn't exist. We did just fine without them.
We had less stressful lives.
In my book Technology for the most part = STRESS.
Carrie said…
I didn't get a smart phone until a little after Liam was born and I have never been more stressed. This summer I took a break from fb and realized how freeing it was to disconnect as well as forcing me to make a real effort to stay in touch with friends unconventional way by phone conversations and meeting up. . It takes discipline for sure to not let our phones consume us
Carrie said…
Haha, unconventional was supposed to be conventional
Carrie said…
Haha, unconventional was supposed to be conventional
Yes! I really feel this too! Often wish I could walk away from social media all together, even tho I know it's not really possible. But I certainly can limit it!! Working on it!

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