Confession #8

Most all of the DLD stuff I use for myself I don't even offer in my Etsy shop.

I can't really begin to explain this one. But it's true. The things that I have made for myself, or my daughter, are among my most favorite and frequently used items...and I don't offer them for sale to others. It has nothing to do with wanting to have something that no one else has. I think it mostly has to do with making a prototype, experimenting with something I know I like, and then never getting back to making more for others. It's not really a smart way of doing things, especially since there are some really good ideas there!

Do you remember seeing any of these things? Never to be heard from again?

My carry-on, vinyl bottomed, travel bag. I even have set aside fabrics to make another...and there they sit.

Super cute zippy bag. Easily reproduced, would be adorable in every color, featuring my favorite wooden  button.
Hasn't happened.

Oil carrier sets. Posted this picture and people went crazy.
Natural reaction?
Never work on it again.
(I will eventually finish. It's part of a trade with a friend. But it would be SUCH a great listing!)

Arrows are so popular.
I'm the only one who has a DLD version.

I have 345 ideas for adorable tote bags.
My daughter is the only one who knows.

My wallet.
Has 10 card slots.
Holds cash envelopes.
Total natural next step for what I already do.
Want one?
You'll have to ask, cause, um, I never made the listing.

The bag I carry every where.
Soon there will be a listing, because my kid's teacher saw me wearing it and wants one.
I think more people would agree.

An evening clutch I made for my brother's wedding.
I also have some vinyl clutches, and about a gazillion swatches of vinyl
for making said clutches.
Wouldn't it be nice to dress up and still carry DLD?

I may be my own worst enemy.
Have a favorite from this list? 
Let me know! 
I will try to work on getting to it. 

:) allison


Anonymous said…
Good Morning Alison,
Get that vinyl bottomed bag out is my favorite of all your things. I would like to design one for myself for you to create....

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