Confession #4

Jeans Are My Dress-up Clothes.

I just took a peek at my Pinterest boards. 

I have at least 362 pins that have something to do with food and close to 450 pins dealing with fabric or things I've made or want to make.

I was shocked there even was a clothing board. Total number of pins: 2. And one of them was "How to Style a White Tee".

To say I have little to no interest in clothes is an understatement, my addiction to Project Runway notwithstanding. You would think that being surrounded by lovely fabrics and making accessories for people all day long would lend itself to a little fashion interest if not least from time to time.

It hasn't.

I made a great effort this summer to wear a bunch of sundresses and skirts. There really is nothing more wonderful than a sundress. 100% comfortable, and you look like you tried! It's an outfit! It's a thing. Throw on some cute earrings and you're good.

Winter is another story. And Hurricane Joaquin has given us our first taste of that Old Man this weekend. Uniform of choice? pants. Great as working in the sewing room clothes, but not for much else.

So, how do you dress for winter? What tips do you have for staying warm, casual, comfortable but put together? I would love to hear your ideas! For now, I'm getting back under the blanket.

Stay warm!
:) allison 


Karen La Du said…
If you like leggings, buy yourself a great pair that you can sew in or throw a fantastic jacket over that you score at a great consignment shop such as Elegant Exchange in Manasquan. Layer with one fabulous turtle neck or cashmere sweater underneath. What are your favorite shoes? Mine are boots like Steve Madden's Troopa boots. Comfortabe. Fashionable, great with pants and skirts/dresses.

You knit! Create some great chunky scarves in all colors, buy off season, all colors of opaque tights at Target and pair them up with the neutral (black, brown or navy you have for your basice).

Like dresses? Start off with a great dress from a company like Toad & Company. At about $60 each, these very food friendly (read, forgiving if you eat a lot at a meal!) washable (put them on right out of the dryer!) and ecologically sound as they are made from recycled things or sustainable fabric sources, layer with those same sweaters, jackets tights, scarves from above.

The key to all this is to only purchase quality things in small quantity. They will last forever ( I am ready to put on a 25 year old wool turtle neck that looks as good as it did the day i bought it). Take a lesson from French women who have been teaching this for years. It works, No one knows you are wearing the same things all the time because you mix them up differently.
Winter/Fall is a great layering time. So much possibility to stay warm and look fantastic.
Invite me to your closet if you are brave, we'll go through it and make notes. I have done this with many friends. They have all come out happy, more fashionable, and STIL FRIENDS.
Warm Regards,
Fantastic ideas, Karen, thank you! I definitely need to look into building up a mix and match selection of go to things. :)

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