Confession #3

This Whole Thing Was a Bit of an Accident

DLD started because my husband deployed to Kuwait.

The kids and I moved in with my parents. During the day, I was all alone with two babies in a house with 3 staircases. If it weren't for a pal in the area, who invited us to do just about everything she could think of, and binge watching The Office in the evenings, I might not have made it.

I made my first real bag that year as a Christmas present. The friend who received it rustled up my first real custom orders. I mentioned sewing one time on Facebook, and another friend asked to see pictures of what I was doing and where she could order them. So started my Etsy shop.

Etsy was kind of a non-factor until I put some effort into it, about 2 years later. And it only really caught on because I found a niche with my cash envelopes, which was originally a custom order for yet another friend. :)

I honestly, in a million years, never expected this to ever be my job. I have a master's degree in education. I pretended to have an interest in business for about 23 minutes once, and then walked out of Econ 101 and made a bee line for drop/add. I know that DLD exists because of my pals, and my family. Encouraging me, supporting me and bragging about me. I'm in awe of it everyday.

Here is the official very first DLD bag. The Holly Bag. No cute daisy tag, long before I knew what interfacing was or how you could use batting on bags. No closure of any kind. Just super cute corduroy fabric and an off-center (not on purpose) pocket. And a lot of love from the bag's namesake. 

:) allison
And yes, the hubs made it back safe and sound at the end of his deployment. Thank you, Lord!


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