Confession #26

Etsy feedback makes me nervous.

I don't know why. I have been very blessed to receive 210 pieces of positive feedback in my Etsy shop. And yet, every time I log on and see that a customer has left me feedback, my first reaction is to get butterflies in my stomach.

It is not from a concern that I did not do a good job. I try very hard to make sure that my customer's needs are met in a timely and professional manner and that the product I mail out is of the highest quality. I would think that most sellers would say that. That's not to say that I don't make mistakes. I am after all human. But I am also very willing to fix things if that is the case.

I think it's more because I want you to love what I make as much as I love making it. I want you to open your package from Daisy Lane Design and be so over the moon about it, that you can't wait to start using it. I want to you have the same excitement about the fabrics you selected as I did when I picked them out at the store. I want you, when you receive that little piece of my handiwork in your hot little hands, to be thrilled.

As makers, we're so attached to what we do. It's so personal. When you have a hand in each step of the process, you can't help but feel this way. So when feedback comes in, there's a nervous-excited energy that happens, and actually I hope I never get used to it. It's what keeps me going.

:) allison


Karen La Du said…
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Val said…
I love your honesty, Al! You describe so well what many of us feel :-) Your product is ultimately a piece of your heart! Makes so much sense that you would feel that way! I do wish people who rate products and companies would remember that when they are choosing their words :-)
Thanks Val! I haven't even really had a bad experience with feedback - everyone's been so kind! But I still get the butterflies. I guess it's nervous excitement.

I always try to remember to go back on and give feedback when I order from someone. I often forget, but it is so nice to hear a kind word about the things you do :)

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