Confession #25

Some days are made for hiking and soup.

Took a family hike today at Shark River Park. Felt so good to stretch our legs and see the last of the colors.

And then we came home and I started a batch of Pasta e Fagioli, which if you're not familiar with the italian spelling is pronounced in American Italian as Pasta Fazool.

My recipe, which is my grandma's, is written on a scrap of paper like this:

2 cans College Inn
2 cubes
beans - 1lb. navy - dry
2 carrots
2 celery
1 onion
1 cup olive oil

That's it. No procedure. Makes you feel confident about running out and making that, no?

But it's almost that easy. 

Put 1 cup of good olive oil in a big soup pot. 
Take the 2 carrots, peeled, 2 stalks of celery and a peeled and quartered onion and toss them in a food processor. Pulse until it all looks like this and scrape into soup pot. 

You don't want the pieces too small.

Add 8 cups of chicky broth to that. I made homemade stock. It's all brown and a bit chunky and full of OMG smelling goodness. But if you don't have that, and I often don't, two of those big chicken stock boxes and then maybe a cube of Knorr chicken bullion will do the trick.

Dry beans. Navy. Open and add to pot.

Stir stir. Bring to boil. Then lower to simmer and cook until the beans are tender, usually takes about 3 hours. That's where we are now. I'm going to enjoy a glass of wine, and let the soup hang out. Then just before it's ready, I'll boil up a box of ditalini or other small pasta and serve the soup over it. 

I store the pasta and soup separately. Otherwise the pasta will soak up all the broth before you can enjoy leftovers. A big crusty loaf of bread is also a good addition.

nom, nom....
:) allison


Anonymous said…
Great photos, Allison.
Great recipe.
Thanks for trying to educate the world on how to pronounce pasta e fagioli.
Love how your leaf pics and recipe pics are color coordinated!
Enjoy this overcast day.
DId you get my Halloween post yesterday? Something weird happened when I went to post it.
I'll look and if it's not there I'll re post
I am enjoying the discipline of posting to your blog everyday in addition to creating my own.

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