Confession #24

I do not like Halloween.

I realize this has nothing to do with anything, but Halloween is my least favorite holiday. As in, I dread it, and procrastinate about it, and begrudgingly buy my kids costumes, and blah blah blah. And then I rejoice come November 1 that there is a full year until we have to go through THAT again!

I am a Halloween Grinch.

:/ allison


Carrie said…
ME TOO! Totally hate Halloween. I hate having to spend all kinds of money on costumes for the kids that they will only wear once for a couple hours at the most, hear them whine about how uncomfortable they are, and brainstorm on how to get them in the car seat with these outfits on (we don't live in a neighborhood and have to drive to one nearby). Ugh! Too much work
Anonymous said…
Looks like you didn't get my comment from yesterday so here it is:

Halloween in our society here is out of control.
When I was a child we made costumes, joined with friends and walked through the neighborhood enjoying the companionship, our fun new identities, the walk in the brisk fall air and noting of the insanity of towns scheduling Halloween parades not on Halloween, horribly decorated homes utilizing junk made from fossil fuels that support the Chinese economy and , well it is just a mess if you fall into it.
Start your own traditions.
That's what I did when Veronica was a child and even into her high school days....a few friends, home made costumes with maybe a few things bought at yard sales or in the thrift stores.
A pizza treat or maybe if you and the children want to make a fun, "scary" treat start a tradition.
If you fall in lock step with the materialistic mess that Halloween has become of course you will hate it.
Trick or Treat.

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