Confession #23

You guys. 

This window is in my bedroom. MY BEDROOM! We inherited the paint color and the horrible paint job (why yes, the green DOES travel up onto the ceiling. And the curtain rods...and the curtains. And when the window shade which also came with the house broke MONTHS ago, I just tied it up off the floor - are you kidding me?! - with selvage ends of minky fabric. And that is how it has stayed. Yes, for months. Yes, it is horrible. 100 times yes.

So this is my confession to you. This horrible, outdated sad excuse for a window treatment. It shouldn't even exist, let alone be shared. But there it is. And I leave it there as motivation to take some of my birthday money (today's my b-day...happy b-day to me!) and do something about it. 

Hold me to it, would you?
please and thank you.

:) allison


Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday!
Get yourself a nice clean, brand new, dust resistant shade from Interior Views.
Have them install it! It will last forever and they are such great people.
Many many more happy birthdays!

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