Confession #2

I Don't Like Selfies

To me, they are awkward and weird and

Other people's selfies, fine. Famous people's selfies, sure. But mine? Of me? Pass.

It's not like I've had huge success with other people taking pictures of me.

There's the: I'm in my pajamas with an oversized scrunchy picture from high school.

Followed by the: ridiculously oversized sweater and bangs look I have going on here, also high school. It was the 90's. Fitted clothing was not a thing. For your consideration, check out the early seasons of Friends. Do I, however, love my red, plaid backpack?! Yes, yes I do.

Followed nicely by this lovely offering from college: I look completely wasted at my CHURCH group's end of the year sister banquet. 

These three pictures were all lovingly shared on Facebook, and I was tagged in them. Thanks, friends!

At least with selfies, you can control the message! That, and thank you sweet baby Jesus for digital photography. So much kinder.

But still, I persist with half of my face pictures....
(fab necklace from The Vintage Honey Shop)

And half covered face pictures....
(favorite earrings from Magpie Lydia)

I think it's because when I do full faced pictures, I look angry and strange, like in this one from my About page from my Etsy shop. To do list for tomorrow: upload less angry looking picture for shop's About page. Sheesh.

So this is me. In my shop, at work. In a T-shirt, needing to color my hair - I took care of that, carry on. I am a 40 (meeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!) year old designer and creator who gets to play with beautiful fabrics and mail my creations all over the country and around the world. It's completely worth smiling about, whether I'm taking the picture or not.

:) allison


Karen La Du said…
YOU LOOK MAHVELOUS. More so now than ever
You have found your purpose.
Check out our project
I'd love to comment on your blog a day in Oct...perhaps you can help me out with a comment on mine?
Warm Regards, stay safe throughout the storm.

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