Confession # 19

I am humbled and amazed by my talented friends, 
both real and virtual.

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Sometimes that child is your handmade business!

I couldn't do it without the people that cheer me on, and without the other amazing women (and a few men) I know who do this small business thing so well. Today I want to brag on them a bit. I hope you will indulge me, and also go visit their pages and sites and soak in all the handmade goodness. I've decided to break it into groups.

The people I knew before they even did this handmade thing:

The first is my friend Kelly, owner of Growing Up Wild. Long before either of our shops were shines in our eyes, Kelly and I taught together for several years. We also took pottery classes together, where she excelled and I became the class clown. Her first steps in business were as a pottery shop, but her line of children's clothes with outdoor themes caught on like wild fire and the rest is history. Need something for a little one? Check with Kelly.

Pair of handcrafted baby booties from Growing Up Wild Etsy store.

The second is my pal Amy, from Wildflower Jewelry Designs. We go way back to raising babies, and sitting around a MOPS table together. She started off making and selling jewelry and we sold at craft shows and farmer's markets in Colorado together. Now she makes the most adorable hats and I like to brag on her whenever I can. Need something stylish to wear? Click over and visit Amy. She even made me a DLD themed hat because she loves me back.

DLD themed hat from Wildflower Jewelry Designs

Sue, who I have known since high school is the owner and baker for Critter Cake. She does amazing things with fondant and specializes in items for those who have allergy concerns. Her business started because she was making cakes for her own kids who need to be careful with nut allergies and there is such a need for stuff like that, that she was soon in high demand. She's also a bit of a celebrity, having just cooked on The Chew with celebrity chef, Mario Batali. No biggie. She is also an amazing all around cook and her IG feed is a bit like food porn. You should check it out.

Latest cake pic from Critter Cake's Facebook Page

Denise was a camper of mine when she was little. Now, she's the owner of ChickaDee Yarn Wigs, handmade wigs and costume accessories for dress up and Halloween.

This Cinderella one is my favorite!
The people who stand with me at the craft shows:

The handmade community in NJ is amazing! I have loved meeting and getting to know a large variety of makers, growers, and creators. They have been so encouraging, supportive and generous with their time, their goods and their information.

My newest handmade friend is Lydia of Magpie Lydia. She creates amazing metal jewelry that she fabricates and manipulates herself. Some of her pieces are metal stand alone show stoppers, and others are paired with unique beads and bits from her stash of jewelry goodness.

My favorite pair of Magpie Lydia earrings

Holly over at Holly Jolly Jams always has something new and delicious for us to try and does just about every show and event in Monmouth Country so she is easy to find. I'm particularly fond of Cowboy Candy. Holly has been especially sweet in making sure that I know about the latest area shows.
Um...yum. The end.

Dana from Flowers From the Farm NJ always has something fresh and creative and beautiful to bring to the table. Her flower arrangements are gorgeous and last forever. And she is a great cheerleader for her fellow market girls, encouraging us to step out of our comfort zones and try new shows.
One of the beautiful flower arrangements from Flowers From the Farm NJ.

Three other delicious vendors that I met during the Farmer's Market this summer were Soul Purpose FarmBittersweet Foods, and LiBri's Organic Creations. Perry and Laura were always treating us to fresh picked fruits and veggies, snappy pickles, granola and, at the end of the season, a toast of sangria. Lisa had a lovely variety of organic bath and beauty products on hand.

I could not have done it without the support of some amazing brick and mortar shops over the years:

First up is Tangle, in Grand Junction. They gave me my first shot at teaching sewing classes which I absolutely loved, and they have a fabulous selection of yarn and fabrics. Miss you ladies!
Go to Tangle. Be amazed. Make cool stuff.

Of course you all know my pal, Paige, from Great Pacific Frame Shop. She has both a physical shop in Point Pleasant, where you can get all your special bits framed, buy yarn, buy fabric, and shop local artisans...AND an Etsy shop (where that link will take you). You can also take classes and come visit me on Thursdays and Fridays when I am getting my framing on.

Latest yarn crush at Great Pacific.

Brigitte over at Intentional b in Bradley Beach has also been a HUGE cheerleader for local makers and fair trade makers world wide. Her shop is filled with fun, quirky, interesting and one of a kind items and there is something there for everyone and every budget. I have been so happy having a few DLD items there for the past year.

Photo of the outside of shopb, from their Facebook page.

Patty, at From the Garden is my newest local shop friend. First of all, I just want to live in her shop. It's all rustic and charming and lovely and good. Most everything in there is honey and bee themed, and I am excited to be working on a wholesale order for them for their holiday gift bundles and gift cards.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the talented styling of Jason at Bissey Glassworks and Greg at
LaPlaca Pottery. Talented artists, all around good guys and much needed comic relief.

My Etsy Pals

These ladies I have never met in person, but we have an ongoing support system via our team at first on Etsy and now through Instagram. Julie from Julie Ellyn Designs, Steph at Sassy Belle Wares and Cy over at The Lovely Smith are all jewelry makers with wildly different styles. They produce beautiful and on trend items in various materials, and they are all fun women to "know".

My Celebrity Maker Crushes
Jen and Mel from The Vintage Honey Shop are such an online inspiration. Best friends, Sisters in can read their whole story on their site. Their shop, featuring several lines of teething and nursing necklaces has grown and grown and grown! Earlier this year, I had the chance to collaborate with them, participating in a giveaway featuring one of their necklaces and one of my bags. The process was so much fun and gave such a boost to my IG feed. The girls were so sweet to work with and even gifted me with one of their necklaces.

My The Vintage Honey Shop necklace. 
My Perfectly Scattered Pal
Lindsay, another of my MOPS friends (that's Mother's of Pre-Schoolers, in case you don't know) is doing great things over at Perfectly Scattered a blog and website dedicated to encouraging busy moms and moms who have small businesses. She has been a big encourager of mine since DLD started and is making an even bigger impact with her new site. If you need some organizing tips for life, home, and business, check out Lindsay's site.

My Biggest Blog Cheerleader
Karen, over at Decorative Philosophy has been my biggest supporter here on the blog. She, and her partner Joseph have a striking and memorable creative style and a tireless work ethic. I have had the privilege of working with her in a small capacity in the past and also have viewed many of their works as they come through the frame shoppe.

Who I would like to cheer on!
Lastly, I'd love to give a shout out to my friend, Dawn, and her brand new shop Born In My Heart Creations. She is just getting started, and is hoping that the money she raises from selling her "words on wood" creations will go towards defraying the cost of their family's 4th adoption. She is a lovely woman, amazing mom and talented crafter. I hope you seek her out!

Whew! I told you I know a lot of talented folks! And I know that the minute I press publish, I will think of more people I should be including. Eek!

I would love to know where you go to shop local. Post some links below of favorite FB pages, or Etsy shops, or web sites. Perhaps we can meet some new favorites this coming year!

:) allison


Anonymous said…
So many beautiful things! Hoping that you will check out the WATERSPIRIT Green benefit at Raymour & Flanigan ...I'll send you a flyer.
The WaterSpirit group from Stella Maris Retreat Center in Elberon invited us.....I am sure it is not too late to get in on it....I should have thought of you earlier. Give them a call.

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