Confession #16

In the beginning...I didn't have any of the right tools.

When I first started sewing, it went something like this: I feel like learning how to sew.

And I went to Walmart.

And I bought a machine. And some fabric.

And then I came home and looked up complicated quilting patterns and dove in.

It may not be the right approach for you. I both whole-heartedly recommend this approach, and also warn against it. The only way to know if you have an interest in something is to pursue it. If it's meant to be, you will truly find a way. You won't be able to put the thing down, you won't be able to let it rest. And you will learn a ton from your mistakes.

But mistakes can be frustrating, and costly. And so, don't be too hard on yourself if you decide to take a class or two to help you figure it out. ;)

One of the first things I ever made was this quilt:

(side bar....I don't even like purple. Ooh, a bonus confession! I don't know how or why I decided on this color scheme, but sometime in college I did.)

If you're not familiar with quilt patterns, it's called a Log Cabin quilt and traditionally it's made up of 1.5" strips of fabric. Lots and lots and lots of 1.5" strips.

Nowadays they sell things like Jelly Rolls  that come in sets of mixy matchy fabrics and colors already pre-cut, usually in 2.5" strips. Perfect for quilting. And if you don't buy jelly rolls, there are tons of quilting tools to help you easily cut such things in your sleep! But when you don't know those grab a rular and a pencil and a pair of scissors and you cut horribly uneven strips and you make your quilt.

And 20 years down the road, all the seams work their way loose, and the quilt splits and the batting shows, and you sprout holes everywhere that you mean to patch and never get to. And you know what? You sleep under that quilt nearly every night because you made it. And you made it the hard way. And even though you could make another and do it WAY more efficiently with the right tools, you don't...cause why mess with perfection?

:) allison


Anonymous said…
I was so fortunate to have learned to sew while sitting behind my Mom on a chair which we still have.
No one can accuse me of not being sentimental! By the time I could reach the foot pedal, I knew the basics..
I designed and sewed all my own clothes in High School as my Mom had done for me in Grade School
So fortunate to have a Mom like her. She's still with me at age 86. Sewing is still a part of my life thanks to her, albeit it has taken a different turn into my pillow production!
Thanks Mom.
Regards to Allison.
Carrie said…
I love it!! A beautiful quilt!

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