Confession #14

I don't understand Twitter.

There, I said it.

I don't get it. I can't see it.

I don't know who to follow or what to say.

I need a young person in my life.

The fact that Twitter is beyond me and is already giving way to something new (Periscope) and there were probably 3 other things in there before that, and I still don't really utilize it or understand it says a lot. Not a lot of good, mind you.

Can't we all just follow everyone all happy and picturey on Instagram and call it a day?

That would be nice.

:) allison


Anonymous said…
You don't need a younger person in your life!
You should just social media what feels comfortable to you.
There is no magic bullet.
Twitter is like a scrapbook project that has yet to be put together...a big electronic box of
"stuff" that is all over the place, just like FB and yes, as neatly as the pics fit together, Instagram.
You have a good business going, Allison, just don't fret about Twitter.
In 10 minutes there will be the next great thing!
Warm Regards,
Haha, exactly! a big electronic box of stuff that is all over the place :)

I have settled into a groove with Facebook and Instagram that I am comfortable and can manage and I'm good with that. I spent some time with some 20 somethings this weekend, and they were using apps and platforms I hadn't even heard of! Tech is a moving target and yes, every 10 minutes there is a new thing. I used to fret over it, but I'm good now ;)

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