Confession #12

Sometimes you have to put your blog on hold because...

The Walking Dead!

What are some of your TV addictions?


Anonymous said…
Biding the time until Season 4 of House of Cards......
Finishing up The Sopranos which I never watched....getting it on DVD from Netflix and to fill in the spots in between DVDs
I AM TOTALLY ADDICTED to DEXTER. Never thought I would say it or like is a great show, some annoying clich├ęs but for the most part totally diversionary which is what I look for at the end of a grueling day. Fantastic to see Tom Hank's son (looking and acting just like him) in season 4 I think I am on.
Try it.
LydEd Trainor said…
Definitely The Walking Dead. I even turn my cell phone off. I can't risk someone calling me
LOVED the sopranos! That was a good one. I've never watched House of Cards or Dexter. Maybe I'll try them out. Ditto for Outlander parents like that one.

We actually had to wait to watch TWD until this morning, LydEd. We don't have regular TV, had to do through the AMC app. Worth the wait. So glad it's back on!!!!
Haluwasa Alumni said…
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Haluwasa Alumni said…
Best blog post ever.

Right up there with the Haluwasa stuff :-)

Glenn E.
Haha!!!!! Love me some Walking Dead!

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