Confession #11

Sometimes you have to go back to your roots.

Whoever said you can never go back has never been to Haluwasa.
Cause all you need to do is cross the divide between Ehrke Rd and any of its gates and you're home again. No matter how much time has passed, who you've become, what path you have chosen, or where you currently live, the transformation happens as soon as you hit the dirt road.

The dirt is better there. Ask anyone.

This is where I spent my summers as a camper, as a staff member. A decade of my life. And as soon as I step on property, I get all the feels. And they never get old.

It's been 20 years...gasp!...since I've worked there, and today I got to go back for an alumni work day. A group of former staff members went back and worked on some much needed projects, chatted about the old stories, and just took it all in.

It's not fancy. In the summer, it's hot. The winter, cold. When it rains, you get wet...and muddy. Most of the camp areas don't have electricity. The kids camp in platform tents, cabins, and tee pees.

Back then it was considered rustic. Now it would be considered a relic of the dark ages. And it is just absolutely perfect. There's a simplicity to it, quiet moments, places for your brain to rest. You use your body way more than in your real life, getting to know muscles and joints long forgotten from childhood. And in the fall, it's just stunning.

The best part was that because it is a Christian camp and Outdoor Center, the focus was always on God - He was the center of everything we did there, and everything that the camp still does. So stepping on camp brings me back to some of the most pivotal events of my life, and reminds me of who I am as a child of God. Always a good reminder. Above all the other titles this life has given me: wife, daughter, sister, mother, maker, friend, niece...I am His. 

:) allison


Carrie said…
I love how God has used Camp Haluwasa in all of our lives in so many amazing ways! Its great seeing how we all have this commmon understanding about the feeling you get when being on camp and the influence it's had on our lives no matter what background or generation you are from.
Absolutely! There is no other place quite like it. I am so glad to have found my way there. :)

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