Confession #10

Sometimes I just want to knit.
Knitting requires no electricity, no iron, no set of tools. Just a pair of needles, a squishy ball of yarn and a cozy blanket and you are ready to make something. (The blanket is just for snuggling)

Once the weather turns cooler, I have to fight the urge to ignore work and just knit instead.

I pick small projects that are easy to finish, because while I like knitting, I actually like the finishing of projects, rather than the process of knitting. I like to find patterns, attack them and watch them come to life. I'm an aggressive knitter, haha!

And I kind of have a short attention span. Things that should come in 2s, like this mitten, often go without its pair, because I lose interest and move on to something else.

Good thing I have a stealth ninja on my hands who will harass  encourage me to finish so she can wear them out at the bus stop in a few weeks. 

These were done on straight needles and whipstitched at the seam, but I think I'd like to try this pattern and do them in the round on double points and see which I like best.

Have a favorite mitten or other small knitting pattern? Link up below!

:) allison


Anonymous said…
JUST KNIT all day today!
I couldn't!
Cause I was getting ready for confession #11.

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