We Bought a House

You're Stuck With Us New Jersey!

I wanted to write a few weeks ago about this, but life has been a bit busy. The short story is that after 18 months of living in a rental that we adore, and going through a several months' long process of getting a loan approval (word to the wise, take a deep breath applying for a home loan if you're self-employed) we are finally the proud owners of our first little home in NJ! Squeeee!

We are blessed to have found a house that fits our personality and family needs, has an acre of treed property, is next door to quite possibly the most lovely woman in America and best of all - I didn't have to pack one box to get us here because we were already here!

Let's talk about our neighbor for a bit. One small example. There are many. We went away last weekend to a wedding out of state and were gone one night. She very kindly watched Copper the Wonder Brat while we're gone. We ask her to let him out and throw some food in his bowl. But that is not enough, no. She made sure the bowls were scrubbed clean, and the mail was taken in. Copper had TWO walks while we were gone, and then we come home to this - a little housewarming gift and card, because she is the sweetest. You can't have her, people. She's ours. She makes us very happy.

Do you know what else makes us happy? Being able to finally be able to do stuff to OUR house! To hang things and put holes in walls and paint stuff!!!! I'm pretty sure we were at The Home Depot the very next day after we closed, to start our project list. And then yesterday, my husband comes into the house from the garage with the medicine cabinet.

Here it is, all hung, snug and happy next to the shower. I found it at a yard sale for $10 and had a friend paint it a barn red, put a coat of brown on top and then distress it so the red showed through.

Here's a closer peek at the red peeking through. At the bottom there, there's even a little water damage from where the rain got under the door in the garage during a storm, and I don't care. It's perfect.

Here's what used to be in that space. A very utilitarian, very temporary, very serviceable yet blah metal thingy (it's a French word that starts with an "e" and means toilet goer over and arounder. Now it's sitting in my husband's office and he'll use it for a bit. 

Well, that small act broke the seal and now we're in full blown happy homeowner mode. And so here's today's project. I wanted to transform the dead space above the washer and drier in our laundry room.

We used bullnose press board cut to size at the store and made our own brackets, cause why not? All we needed were some brackets, threaded pipe and joints. 

I got the original idea from a pin I had saved to my decorate board. The hubs screwed the bases into studs in the wall, then assembled the rest of the brackets. (He's cute, but doesn't like to be photographed!)

Then we just placed the boards on top. 

Heavy items go in the center where the studs are...

And now I'm actually happy to do laundry!

Can't wait to tackle what's next! I'll keep you posted. 

:) allison


Devin Newton said…
New Jersey should be pleased that you're bringing your enthusiasm and your good vibes to the place. And for a good reason, since that's a real great house you've got. Nothing beats owning one for yourself, where you get to define the terms of how you’d like it to be. Something as simple as the look can be a quarrel when you're just renting a unit. But with all of that being yours, you have the freedom to do anything you want. Have fun!

Devin Newton @ Indy Market Homes
Thank you Devin! We're having fun making it ours for sure :)
Margaret said…
Congratulations on purchasing your very own house. I know that it might take a lot of blood, sweat and tears to make this house a home but it will be all worth it in the end. Personalizing you home can hard but also enjoyable so find ways to make it fun for yourself and your family. I wish you all the best!
Thank you Margaret!
It's been a lot of fun adding our own personal touches.

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