Contest Entries and Voting

The Entries are in, and the voting is up to you!
This year we had 8 contest ideas.

They are as follows: (listed in the order they were received)

1. Travel cord wrap.

2. Yoga mat carrier.

3. Zippered pouch to hold toys sized for fabric square bins.

4. Lined credit card wallet to help prevent credit cards from being scanned.

5. Reversible wrap skirt with zip pocket.

6. Valentine card chair pocket.

7. Mobile filing cabinet/tote

8. Camera filter case.

The voting will all be done on the Daisy Lane Design Facebook page. No comments left here on the blog will count as votes. Vote for the idea you like best, the idea that sounds most useful, because it's your friend who submitted the idea, give one vote to each entry - whatever the reason, just vote!

Voting will run from Monday, January 19 - Friday, January 23 at 5pm Eastern. The idea with the most votes wins and I will develop the winning idea. Thank you to all who entered this year's contest! Good luck!

:) allison


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