5th Annual Design Contest and Giveaway!

5th Annual Design Contest and Giveaway!!

As I say every year - 
any time is a great time for a new idea, but January is the time to make it into a contest!

2014 winning idea - fabric covered headband, now available in two styles
I must confess: I considered not doing it this year. Eek! Weirdly, January has a become a month that is almost as busy if not busier than December for my little shop. People are either switching gears from buying for others and want a little something for themselves, or they are starting to focus on saving, and are buying a cash envelope to start their NewYear Resolution of budgeting. Either way, I'm still pretty busy these days - thank you!
Winning design from 2013 - Jewelry Roll
But then I remembered that some of the shop's very best selling products, including the cash envelopes, started with great ideas from you! (Dale D, seriously, whenever you need another one of those - they are free for you!) And so I couldn't resist. :)

Winning design from 2013, checkbook cover

And last year, we had 19 amazing ideas! 19!!! I felt badly, paring down the list to 5 to make prototypes, and cutting some other ideas because they were just too large in scale, so I'm making some changes this year.

Winning design from 2012, wristlet

What will be this year's winning design:

That is entirely up to you!

Design Contest Entry and Rules:
1. Submit an idea for a new Daisy Lane Design item in the comments section of this blog post by Friday, January 16, 5 pm Eastern. It can be anything I don't already make. 
  • If you're not familiar with my shop click on over here and take a peek around.
  • You can also see lots of what I do on my Facebook page.
There aren't size rules this time, so let the creativity flow.
If two people submit the same idea, whoever commented first gets credit.
Make sure you leave your name so I know who to give credit to.

2. Once all the entries are in, I will compile a list of all the ideas submitted.
3. Voting will happen on the ideas themselves, without prototypes this time. All voting will be done on my Facebook page, via "likes"
4. The winning idea will be developed and two will be made. 

Two people will win!!! One will be the person who submitted the idea - so make sure it's a good one!
More on how we'll decide who wins the other one later. ;)

Hope you're as excited as I am!
Can't wait to see what you come up with this year!
:) allison


Allison, this is a great idea! I love how you not only just run a shop but interact with "us real folks" in such fun ways.

My idea: Travel Cord Wrap

I would LOVE to see you make something that can hold cords and cables for travel. Something like a roll up fabric with Velcro loops inside of it that could hold phone and ipad cords, and maybe a computer cord as well. I have seen a few of these online but only in leather and they're usually really expensive. A cute and lightweight fabric one would be awesome!

Stephanie Cunningham
This is along the lines of what I meant as a Travel Cord Case:


But I think you could definitely make a prettier and more functional one.
Aww, thanks! Trust me, without you "real folks" I'd just be a crazy lady, sitting up here talking to myself, surrounded by piles of fabric. (Please ignore the fact, that I actually just described 85% of my work week!)

I LOVE this idea! I need one for myself - good call!
And good luck!
:) allison
Anonymous said…
Yoga Mat carrier, something simple. I can send you a photo, but I know these are really in demand these days with yoga being so IN and finding CUTE ones is really hard.
Carrie said…
So this Christmas Liam received some toys that come with lots and lots of little pieces (tinker toys, etc) that he loves but is driving me nuts being scattered ALL OVER the place. I need something to keep them organized better than the cardboard box they came in. I'm thinking either some kind of medium to large-ish fabric bag with a zipper top or velcro top (probably zipper would keep everything in better) to contain it all. Something that would fit easily in one of the square "cubbies" in our target bookcase (just like ikea expedit storage units, to give you an idea of size). I'm thinking something that looks like a bigger version of the pouches you make or maybe a little more square like. Sorry for the crazy rambling, lol. Still pregnant here and my brain is very scattered :)
Connie Chisholm said…
Hi Stephanie,
I think a great idea for you is to come up with a small credit card case lined with aluminum foil to protect the information in the chips being stolen. I think it would be popular. I've been searching for a stylish one, I know you can come up with something great. See the link - http://classroom.synonym.com/prevent-credit-cards-being-scanned-wallet-15504.html

Thank you,
Connie Chisholm said…
Sorry - I meant to write my idea to you, Allison! I was thrown off my train as I was reading what the other gals posted. Sorry about that!
Connie ;)
Michele Smith said…
Stephanie totally already put my idea!
That's all right, Connie, I knew what you meant ;). Bummer, Michele, that idea would suit you! See if you can think of another!
That's all right, Connie, I knew what you meant ;). Bummer, Michele, that idea would suit you! See if you can think of another!
Anonymous said…

This example of the simple yoga bag that I am looking for ! Thank you
khladu@comcast.net said…
Hi AlIson!
Happy New Year.
I would like to see you create ( I have a sketch if you want to see...) a simple, reversible, wrap skirt with a "cargo pocket".
It would be a great skirt to walk in if you don't like tights, a fantastic beach cover up (that could be paired with matching tote bag) which could hold your bit of $ for the ice cream dude, keys & perhaps your beach badge or license. Better than a fanny pack and these valuables wouldn't get lost in the abyss of your beach tote.
Also great for short errands, when on foot or bike or car when you don't want a purse, when you want hands free.
Karen La Du
Eaton Family said…
How about a Valentine's Day card pocket for the back of the kids chairs? (Maybe personalized). I have been looking for something like this for the kids, but the ones I've found are pricy.
Melanie :)
Anonymous said…
I need a tote bag that will hold like 30-40 8x10 folders. That I can put down and it will stand up on its own but I can also carry on my shoulder. Needs pockets for pens, sticky notes, etc. almost like a mobile filing cabinet/office.

Robin S.
Michele said…
Hopefully this time my idea will post.

A case to hold camera filters. Probably 4-6 slots, padded of course to protect the glass made of no/low lint material. Case would fold in half or 3rds to easily fit in a bag. Could have zippered pocket on outside for memory cards, cleaning cloth, etc. all I have seen are black, not pretty at all! Can post a link to one if you would like.
Michele said…

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