The Week's Work

Week of September 7
This is a super busy class week! Three regular adult classes, open sew, one kid class, and the fall's first Create and Donate! Full details are available on the Classes tab, but here is the overview below...

Classes this week:
Tuesday the 9th, 6-9 pm: Advanced Class - Coasters Part 1
(actually, if anyone signs up for this class, we will need to talk about another time - we have open house for back to school at 6 pm!)
Wednesday the 10th, 10 am - 1 pm: Beginner Class part 2 - Stuffed Pillow
Thursday 11th, 10:30am - 1:30 pm: Intermediate Class - Rotary Cutting
Friday the 12th, 6-9 pm: Open Sew. Come and work on existing projects. $15/person
Saturday the 13th, 1-4 pm: Kid's Sew: Beginning Sewing/Stuffed Pillow
Sunday the 14th, 2-5 pm: Create and Donate - bibs

New Pattern: Coffee Cozies
This is actually a tutorial that is already available right here on the blog, but I am going to write up a pattern for it too, in case there are some of you out there that don't want to do that part for yourself. I'll also be putting together coffee cozy kits, which will then be available for sale at Great Pacific. All you'll need is your machine, thread and a hand-sewing needle and you'll be able to make one for yourself!

Newsletter Sign-up
The first email newsletter is going out this week. It is full of the more important, don't want to miss and exclusive DLD information. If you want to be the first to know, you should receive the newsletter! Send your email to and I'll sign you up!

Hope you all have a good week.


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