Oil Cloth Bags in Two Sizes

Today is the day I can start offering these super cute, very versatile water resistant bags! They are made out of striped oilcloth, are available in 8 fun colors, have zip tops and are lined in a simple cotton. The oilcloth itself is waterproof, but once seamed of course there are tiny stitch holes, so best to use your judgement and not test them out by floating them in the pool or throwing them in the ocean. ;)

For now, these are available in two convenient sizes. 
The smaller one measures 7 1/2" across and 5 1/4" tall. 
The larger one is 9 1/2" across and 7 1/4" tall.
(Think I might do a 11 1/2" across and 9 1/4" tall one in the future if there is interest)

The smaller bag is perfect for smaller items, naturally! Jewelry, sunglasses, money, ID, phone, personal items, feminine products - whatever you need to bring to the beach or pool that you don't want to get wet.
It will sell for $18.

The larger one is perfect for medium sized items. I fit my Kindle Fire in there, with its case on so it's roomy. Spare diapers, extra set of children's clothes, a paperback book, maybe even some snacks would fit nicely!
It will sell for $21.

 The stripes are available in this limey green which I have in stock and can start making today.
Other colors available are below. I will be offering these bags with a pre-sale coupon to my
 Facebook fans. Whichever colors are pre-sold are the ones that will be available first.
You can see the super secret listing here.


 Light Blue...


 Dark Purple...



Hot pink...

I have also had some requests for wet bags - the water resistant part on the inside for wet swimsuits, etc. I am working on that! I'll be using these same fabrics, just reversing the process so that the stripes are on the inside. the outside will be a cute matching cotton fabric...to be determined. At this point, I'm figuring out the best size for these bags and whether it's worth making them in a variety of sizes too - stay tuned!

:) allison


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