Christmas in July Sale

Dashing through the snow...
In a one horse open sleigh....

OK, maybe not quite yet, but we can still PRETEND, right?! Too soon? Sorry. Here is something to get you excited about the holidays though - The Second Annual Daisy Lane Design Christmas in July sale!

I've mentioned in an earlier post that it is thusly named because we celebrate Christmas in our home. But it can be for any holiday or no holiday at all! It is just my gift to you in the summer time, a way to say thank you for being great customers the year through and a nice way to clear out some ready to ship stuff and get a jump on holiday orders.

How This Works (simply)
Sale Date: Friday, July 25, 2014.
Option 1: Coupon Code: JULY25 - good for 25% off.
(The 25% off can be applied to all ready to ship items which are available immediately, and all custom orders which will be delivered by November 1, in time for the holidays.)
Option 2: Coupon Code: JULY10 - good for 10% off. I didn't want to leave you out if you were ordering for something you needed sooner than November! Use this code if you just want to be in my current work rotation.

Here are the details:
This sale is intended to clear out current inventory and ready to ship items. It is also meant as an incentive to get your holiday orders in before the rush. Ready to ship will ship within a few business days. Custom orders placed with this coupon code will not be delivered before November 1. 

To view the ready to ship section, click over here.
There will be a few more things added to this section today.

This Friday, July 25, I will activate coupon code JULY25.
The coupon, when applied at checkout will take 25% off your entire order.
If you are not familiar with coupon codes on etsy, here is a handy dandy screenshot for you:

This here is part of the "shopping cart" page when you shop on etsy. Underneath the how you'll pay section is that "apply shop coupon code" link. Click on it, and a small text box opens. That is where you will put the JULY25 coupon code and etsy will magically deduct that amount! :)

If you can't wait until November 1 to receive your custom order, there is a sale for you too! Please use coupon code JULY10 and your order will go right to my current order workload and I'll begin working on it as I would any order.

Etsy will not take more than one coupon. So use the sale that works best for you. Also, local people who will meet me at Paige's shoppe for pickup, I will adjust the shipping for you. 

If there are any tee-shirt quilt orders out there: please use the JULY10 coupon. Quilts are a huge project and take lots of materials and man-hours. Also, I already have 2 quilts on the books for Christmas, so please don't wait much longer if you're planning on that for the holidays.

One last thing:
There is a giveaway going on that ends tomorrow!!!! A Christmas in July present from me to one lucky winner. It is for one of my new reversible headbands and the winner will be selected by Rafflecopter at midnight, July 26. You need to be following @daisylanedesign on Instagram AND enter the giveaway here. (Instagram following will be confirmed before headband will be mailed)

The sale will end when I wake up Saturday morning and deactivate the codes :)

Any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. I'll be manning the phone Friday, in case anything comes up. Thanks so much to all of you!!!! It's been a great great year 



Rebecca Cross said…
That's a welcome bargain you've got there. However, with all the number crunching, you will have to take note of all the factors and the data, so you can have a fine look of your sale. I bet you've had that figured out by now, and that you've calculated a win-win scenario for yourself with that thing. All the best to you!

Rebecca Cross @ Advanced Accounts
Haha, Rebecca, right you are!
It's an odd sale, but from a one woman show perspective, it is WAY easier to give people a deal if they order their custom stuff for the holidays in the summer. And I don't like leaving the people out who just have to have things now! ;) Hopefully it's worth the work. Fun either way!

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