New in the Shop

Exciting things are happening in the shop! New patterns, new ideas, new personal goals and directions. Thought I'd gather it all here so I could explain.

New this week for sale:
Headbands -
gathered: $22 
flat: $15+ (depends on fabric and whether it's reversible or not

Coming soon:
Headband pattern for both styles! 
Pattern will sell for $4 and include paper pieces, instructions and photos for both styles.

Beach Bags: $42.
I have been using mine at the beach this summer and I LOVE it! The rope handles are comfy on my shoulder, it's super roomy to carry everything I bring with me to the beach and it has a fun ocean print. I just ordered navy lobsters and stripes as an option, so those will be available soon. And, I also picked up some oilcloth - gonna toy around with a waterproof inner bag for things you don't want to get wet. :)

Coming soon: Wallet pattern.
We just finished this in class and so I'm working on some edits for a final pattern, but the girls loved it and their projects turned out beautifully! 

Pattern will include paper pieces and photo tutorial and will sell for $5.

A "classes" tab on the website.
Did you know there was a way to see all the upcoming classes and the materials list for each class right here on the blog? Just click the classes tab and it'll take you right to it. Classes are also listed on the events tab on the DLD Facebook page.

New ways to keep in touch! 
-Subscribe to the blog. Just leave your email address and make sure to confirm your request (sometimes it shows up in your spam folder) and every time there is a blog entry you will receive an email about it. 
-Follow me on Instagram! See all current projects as they happen.
-Follow me on Twitter. That's a work in progress people. But I'm getting there ;)

Design a New Me
This is me. Stepping out of my comfort zone. DLD has been a fun little hobby that has turned into a job that I absolutely love. Lately I have felt a tug for it to mean more, do more. I am a jeans and a t-shirt girl, sitting behind a sewing machine and computer screen doing my thing. But I want to be a bolder, braver mom - being a strong positive example for my kids, and doing things for other people as well. I don't know quite what that looks like. But being involved in Purple Stride Denver this month has created a shift in me that I am no longer able to ignore. I want to be more purposeful with what I do. And I want you to come along for the ride, if you like. 

One of my goals is claim my sewing style. I make a lot of pieces out of bold, fun fabric and then create a basic brown or black version for myself. It's a safe move. And a terrible way to advertise my own stuff...haha! Who's going to notice the "made to go unnoticed" bag I am carrying and ask, "Where did you get that?!" So, today, I am putting it out there. This is me: in a skirt and headband I made as a class sample. (No, I am not looking at the camera, it's a bit far away, and I haven't worn it out in public) Baby steps people!!! All right, fine - I also sent the picture to my friend Amy to make sure it met with her approval before posting. Full disclosure - are you happy!? It's at the shoppe right now, but I'll be wearing it out and about soon - promise. ;)

Wanna share your bold moves? Design a New Me is going to be an ongoing thing here and I hope you participate. Follow DLD and use #designanewme. Can't wait to see what you're up to!

 :) allison


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