Use What You Take

I have a lot of fabric. 

I mean it. A lot. In an I-have-no-business-entering-another-fabric-store-I-could-open-my-own kind of way. I see methods for organizing my "stash" as people call it on Pinterest and I want to pat them on the back and tell them how cute they are, finding little pieces of cardboard to make mini bolts out of or buying expensive wooden skirt hangers to clip their few yards to. Bless them. I need something more like this. Around every wall of my sewing room. I don't have a stash. I have a hoard. I am a fabric hoarder. 

There is a method, I suppose, a process. I get an order, I go to the store to purchase what I need, I get ADD and buy things I don't need, and things for the things that I don't need, and things for the "what if" and "one day" projects and....and....and....sigh. 

I organize. Here is a shelf of my "what I use most often" stash.

And here are some bins of other things. Note: this is one small section of one wall.

I save scraps. And organize them by color.

And by whether or not they have a pattern or if they are solid.

Do you see where this is going? Those are only the pictures I wasn't embarrassed to show you! And didn't even take into account the bins and boxes in the garage.

It isn't very responsible.

I am very blessed that DLD has grown as it has in the past 2 years especially. Most of that is due to the fact that you the customer get to customize your items. You love it because you have a hand in the process - I love it because I get to make something that someone is guaranteed to be happy with - you know exactly what's coming in the mail.

It puts me in the store a lot, buying lots of fabric that can be used for different orders in lots of ways. But it still leaves lots of leftovers. Now, I'm not a "green" shop, and I don't have any grand plans to become one but I do think I can do better. And for the month of April at least, I'm going to try. I have been inspired by your interest in items like my T-shirt quilts and jacket bags. I'd like to do more of that.

Here is the first T-shirt quilt I ever made. It's mine, from some of my T-shirts while I was in college. Please ignore the big tear in the middle. It was also my dog's blankie at one point. And Great Danes have big feet and claws. (Yeah, she was my baby before the human ones came along ) :)

One of the shirts is from my days as an employee at the dining hall on campus. Every Wednesday, we wore these shirts instead of our regular ones as a reminder to the students to Eat What You Take For the Earth's Sake. It was an all you can eat buffet in there. It was easy to overdo it and a lot of food was often thrown away. Once a week, we liked to remind the students and ourselves to only take what we were actually going to eat.

I would like to try to do that in my business, especially this month. And to come up with creative ways to use the leftover scraps from your custom orders to make something new and beautiful and truly unique because it'll be one of a kind. Today, I finished this clutch and had plenty left over to also make a zip pouch with two matching prints from previous orders. I kind of love it! Here's the link to the listing in case you love it too!

Check in this month, in the shop, here on the blog and of course on Facebook. I hope to have lots of new items made out of old favorites. Just trying to use what I take.

:) allison


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