Use What You Take Month - Halfway Thru

April 13
Nearly halfway through my personal #usewhatyoutake challenge. I wanted to report in on what I've made so far! I have to say that it has been fun reimagining fabric combinations and forcing myself to look around the shop to find things that will go together instead of rushing to the fabric store. And it's been a lot easier on my wallet! I have also rediscovered my love of making larger bags, and playing with other prints and textures. I use a lot of chevron and printed duck in my cash envelopes and cosmetic cases, so it's been fun using these with other patterns, or not using them at all. :) Here are the items and fabric combinations I have played with for the first half of April. Hoping for even more opportunity to sew up unique, one of a kind items during the second half. Who knows, perhaps this will be an ongoing trend for me - I rather like it. 

Pencil case in yellow and cream chevron and yellow and gray corduroy. See picture of the inside here

Fabric combo. Haven't decided on what to make yet. I kinda want to go HUGE with these.

Pencil case out of all scraps - inside and out. Additional pictures here

These were a custom order, but I used patchwork pieces inside and out.
The only thing I had to buy was the zipper under the flap. 

Another pencil case. This one will be featured in a how-to tutorial so you can make your own if you like!

Jacket bag. Love the surprise pocket color. 

This is my new obsession. I'm not entirely sure I can part with it, truly. But I did make a listing,
just in case someone out there loves it as much as me.

What do you think? Do you like the #usewhatyoutake idea and new and different items? Or should I stick with my "day job"? ;)

:) allison


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