Design Contest Entry #4

Purse Organizer
This idea comes from Amy at Amy's Adventures. It is a purse organizer, one that holds all the little bits that you transfer from one purse to another to make that chore easier to manage. After constructing it, I realized that these could be made in several sizes to accommodate a wider range of purses. I'd say that this one would be most useful in a large tote bag or just free standing as a caddy.

The organizer measures 9 1/4" wide, 3 1/2" deep, and 6" tall. It has 9 differently sized pockets both inside and outside for lots of little treasures. I used a mix of coordinating leftover fabrics that I had in my stash.

I was able to fit an iPod, my wallet, Advil, chapstick, coupons, and lotion and I didn't come near to filling all the pockets.

The top is open so that you an reach in and fish out whatever you may need, but also has a wide grab handle strap that closes with a magnetic snap so it can be carried easily.

Here is a peek at the inside.

One lovely contest entry to introduce tomorrow and then next week - the voting.

:) allison


Awesome! I love pockets!! :)
So glad you like it! :)

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