Design Contest Entry #2

Curling Iron/Flat Iron Sleeve
This idea came from Diane B. She suggested a sleeve for a curling iron/flat iron. I used 100% cotton fabrics for the outside, lining and piping and then between the two layers is a layer of Insulbrite batting, which is used to make things like potholders. The batting is designed to reflect heat back to the inside of the item to that it makes hot things safe to handle.

Just a simple sleeve with an opening at the top.

 Large enough to fit a curling iron. This one is a 1.5" diameter iron.

And also a flat iron.

The back has a little pocket to tuck the cord into as well.

Check back tomorrow for the next design entry. And don't forget to vote next week!


Leah Meray said…
I absolutely love this idea!! This would be so handy for traveling!
Says the travel jewelry roll girl ;) Thanks!

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