Customer Design Contest Entry #1

Hooray, hooray, I can start introducing the design contest entries today!

Business Card Holder
Thank you to Val S. for this entry idea. She was looking for something to hold all her business cards, store shopper cards and such so that they didn't clutter up her wallet. Here is what I designed.

A little pouch that is lined and padded that closes with a magnetic snap. Closed, it measures 4 3/4" wide and 4" tall.

Is is oversized a bit, so that you can carry lots of cards and still have room to get your fingers in there to pull them out.

The magnetic snap keeps everything snugly inside.

Even if you usually keep your cards somewhere in your wallet, I'm sure you could find several uses for this cute, small padded pouch.

Stay tuned! Everyday this week, I'll be featuring one of the new designs. Next week we vote!
:) allison


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