Design Contest Step 2

The Entries Are In...
We had 19 entries for the Customer Design Contest this year! That is the highest number of entries since I started doing this 4 years ago. Very exciting stuff! 

Here are all the entries, in the order I received them:
1. yoga bag
2. purse organizer
3. travel bag for a flat iron or curling iron
4. weight watchers bag
5. lots of pockets tote
6. jewelry holder
7. back of car seat organizer
8. craft supply organizer bag
9. business card holder
10. photo holder/photo book
11. fabric headbands
12. reusable snack bags
13. doggie messenger bag
14. make something out of a special item that a customer provides.
15. coupon holder
16. dog collar and leash
17. divided library tote
18. crochet hook roll up
19. draw string bag

There was also a suggestion for improving the current jacket bags that I do, and a suggestion for a kids sewing class.

OK, so now what? Well, I had to separate the list into 3 categories:
1. Things that I have made before/have been a part of the design contest in the past/are currently offered by DLD.
2. Entries that are too big/require too much fabric to do as prototypes.
3. Entries that will work for the contest.

One is the coupon organizer (number 15). This was from the very first customer design contest, four years ago. It was essentially a bag that hooked onto your shopping cart handle and a store bought coupon organizer sat in it. Can it be improved upon? You bet. But it has already been a part of the contest.

Next is the crochet hook organizer (Number 18). Also part of the contest a few years back. It's not a roll, just a pouch, but it does keep hooks all tidy and in one spot.

Third is the drawstring bag (Number 19). We had one in the contest last year, a drawstring backpack.

Fourth, is the jewelry organizer( Number 6). Not the same shape/style as the one suggested, but this was last year's winner! In fact, I just sold one at Great Pacific Frame Shoppe last week.

As far as making something out of a special item that a customer provides (number 14) I love the idea and already am making t-shirts quilts and jacket bags and sweater bags, just like that. I'd love to work with anyone who has a special item that they would like to see repurposed :).

And the back of the car seat organizer (number 7): I actually did a tutorial on making your own, right here on the blog last year. You can view it here. It's a two part sewing tutorial with lots and lots of pictures.

OK, so that leaves us with entries that were going to require too much fabric (more than the 1 yard total max) and entries that would work for the contest.
The entries that were too big for the contest are:
Number 4: Weight Watchers Bag
Number 5: Lots of Pockets Tote
Number 8: Craft Supply Organizer Bag
Number 13: Doggie Messenger Carrier Bag
Number 17: Divided Library Tote

:(. I love these ideas. But with fabric and time, they are just not doable for the design contest this year. I'm so so sorry.

That leaves us with 8 entries for the contest.
1. yoga bag (I am thinking a sling, really, for carrying your rolled up mat. Not a whole bag, or that would go under "too much fabric".
2. purse organizer
3. curling iron or flat iron travel bag
4. business card holder
5. photo holder (although, I'm not really sure how to pull this off)
6. fabric covered headband
7. reusable snack bag
8. dog collar and/or leash

I need to get this list down to 5. 5 entries will be designed, and a prototype sewn up. And then people will vote on them. And the winning item will be offered in the shop and the winning designer will win their item for free! So we're going to have a pre-voting vote on DLD's Facebook page.

Fun thing about running your own business? I'm the boss! So, for those ideas that we are not going to use for the design contest, I would like to extend a 20% coupon to you. If you suggested an idea here on the blog and it is not going to be used for the contest, please message me and I'll get you a coupon for 20% off in the shop. It can be for anything I currently offer, or you can use it towards a custom order for the idea you submitted. Just a little thank you for participating!



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