4th Annual Customer Design Contest and Giveaway

It's that time of year again....
Any time is a great time for a new idea, but January is the time to make it into a contest.

I have to admit, this is my favorite. I am not the world's greatest blogger, truth. But I love your enthusiasm for the annual contest. And you guys come up with the best ideas! This is the 4th year we're doing this and every year it just gets better and better. This year, I'm adding a little twist to the mix to help get even more people involved. There are 3 ways that you can enter. And sure, you can enter all three, why not? So, without further ado, here are the rules:

1. Submit an idea for a new DLD product in the comments below. It must be a small to medium sized item (no laptop messenger bags or carry-on luggage ideas, please) and it can't require more than 1 yard of fabric, total. Peek around at my shop to make sure your idea is not something I already make. Don't forget to leave your name so that I know who to give credit to if you win. If there isn't a name or a way to get in touch with you, the idea will be discarded. The ideas are going to be capped at 5. If more than 5 ideas are submitted, we will have a pre-contest contest (haha) to see which 5 ideas will be submitted. More on that later.

2. Submit an idea to improve a current design. This is new!!! Is there something you've seen that I make but you just wish it had a.... or a.....? Tell me about it! Right down there in the comments section. I am always looking for ways to improve the things that I offer in the shop. Again, you can look around at the shop, my Facebook pagemy instagram account or the "my stuff board" on my pinterest account.

3. Another newbie: Send me a pin of a sewing idea that you would like to see offered as a class. I teach sewing classes locally, and would love to know what people would like to see in terms of classes. So if you're on Pinterest, send me a pin of an idea that you've seen that you would like to see offered as a class. 

4. All ideas need to be submitted, here on the blog (even the pins....just link them down there) by Saturday, January 11. 

Once all the ideas are submitted, I'll give you more details as to what happens next. Spoiler alert: people are going to win stuff....for free. And there will be an auction. And there will be dancing and rejoicing in the streets - ok maybe not that last part, but the first two for sure. Can't wait to hear your ideas. I know a few of you are chomping at the bit. And that's cool.

:) allison


and it ATE my comment!
RECLAIMED JACKET BAG - to add a POP of color perhaps some fabric on what was the pockets or some colored embroidery just for a little pizazz to make it POP - or add an applique on it for some color
Idea for new item! YOGA BAGS http://www.etsy.com/listing/171739825/yoga-bag-yoga-mat-bag-pilates-mat-bag?ref=sr_gallery_12&ga_search_query=yoga+bag&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_ship_to=US&ga_search_type=all

NEW CLASS Idea- easy simple apron -
Id take this class once I do learn to sew!
I saw a purse organizing system. Not sure if that's too close to the cash envelopes or not.
Anonymous said…
Diane Brittingham.... a travel bag for your flat iron/curling iron that match the WONDERFUL cosmetic bags you already make! (Too much?)
Anonymous said…
Diane Brittingham.... Ok, got another one- I didn't want to buy a 3rd bag for all of my WW books, info- what about make the cash system bags for your Weight Watchers stuff? :)
Cattie said…
I carry a tote bag to work for my iPad, cables, glasses, pen, nail file, and of course a water bottle. It needs pockets! Lots of pockets, doesn't have to be huge, maybe 12"x12"x6" with a shoulder strap and sturdy bottom! Bright cheery color. Cat Daidone
Kim Risko said…

Hope that big long link works! Its a jewelry holder with pockets and velcro tabs in the back.
Allison said…
Back of the seat organizer/ protector. For the car.
Kaitlin Dockins said…
I'd love something to carry craft supplies in. I make hair bows and would love something that would hold 3-4 spools of ribbon, scissors, thread, and some clips. I can't find anything exactly like it but in my mind it would look like this http://www.swoozies.com/product/251570 but be more rectangular to accommodate scissors. I'm sure lots of people need a place to hold various craft supplies and to carry around with so whenever we are stuck in the car waiting, mine currently is if the baby falls asleep in the car and I don't dare wake her but would like to get something done.
Kaitlin Dockins kaitlindockins@yahoo.com
Lots of great ideas, everyone! Thanks for your enthusiasm! :)
Val said…
I have two ideas...one, a little flap/button close business card holder. two, a little photo holder, brag book kind of thing. :-)
Anonymous said…
Fabric covered headbands - Lisa
Reusable lined snack/sandwich bags
Small messenger bag to carry a small dog!
What if people gave you material from something special and you made something out of it. Like I have a sweater my dad always wore and it's sitting in a draw. I would love if it were made into something even a little pillow so it can be out and I can always see it. People can do baby blankets, a favorite TShirt?
Sharon Applegate Long said…
How about a coupon holder? Complete with velcro to adhere it to your shopping cart. Would need at least 3 sections- one for coupons for items on list, one for coupons for possible purchases, and one for the coupons that you are handing to the cashier. Could have more sections, but not necessary.
Juliann said…
A dog collar & leash, library book tote with divider for 2 different children's books
Anonymous said…
How about a roll-up vague for crochet hooks? I think you did one for needles before.
Michele said…
How about a roll-up bag for crochet hooks? I think you did one for needles before. Sorry last post went before I was ready. I guess the bag could zip as well, but could hold at variety of sizes. Maybe with an extra pocket to hold small scissors and needles to complete the work.
Anonymous said…
A small cinch sack or drawstring bag. It could be used for a gym bag or overnight bag. -Melanie Eaton

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