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12 Gifts for 12 Days...(or 12 in 2, whatever works)
I never understood the timing of the song, "The 12 Days of Christmas". Is it days 1-12 of December in preparation for Christmas? Days 12-24 leading right up to the big day? Is Day 1 Christmas Day itself? All very confusing. What's not confusing is there are 12 gifts given during those 12 days. I don't know about you, but I don't have much use for a partridge in a pear tree. However, I do have some ideas for the sewer in your life! Here are some perhaps lesser known gifts that are great as stocking stuffers and some links where you can find them. We'll do another 6 gifts tomorrow. :)
1. Turn it all. Great for turning skinny tubes of fabric, like purse handles! I could not live without these guys. (Before discovering them, I used to wrap rubber bands around the eraser of a pencil and try to shimmy my purse handles right side out. Frustrating, disaster.) They come in a set of three, but I mainly use the two larger ones. The piece of chevron in the picture is the small snap from the back of a cash envelope system I'm working on. turn it all
2. Disappearing ink fabric marker. These come in a few different colors. I have a purple one, but maybe someone will get me a white one for my stocking, for writing on dark fabrics. I used to trace all my patterns with pencil, or pen! And ruined a lot of projects in the process. These make a nice clean line on your work, and fade to nothing in 24 hours time....less if your pen is older. In fact, I know it's time to buy another when I trace a pattern and it's starting to disappear before I can cut it out.

3. Bobbin donut. That's not really what it's called, but you know that's what I'M going to call it!!! Holds all those pesky bobbins and keeps them from rolling away, and getting tangled. And you can see all your lovely colors. (Full disclosure: I trimmed my threads before taking this picture. I can't lie to you people! I'm not that neat and you know it!) I couldn't find this exact one, but the one linked here has a magnetic middle for pins - clever!

4. Bias tape maker. These come in a few different sizes. I like the 1" one. Cut a 2" wide strip of fabric, fee it through the wider end, pull it out the skinnier end and press. Magic! All your raw edges are tucked in and ready to be wrapped around a quilt edge.

5. Sewer's gauge. So so handy for folding and pressing perfect hems. Use the colored triangles to measure exact amounts of fabric to turn under and press.

6. Seam Ripper. My nemesis and tool I can't live without. Use it to pick out a line of stitches that you are unhappy with, or slide in between a seam and in one swift motion, take a whole seam apart. There is a sharp blade in the "U" there. They do dull, and a sharp seam ripper is best, so replace when needed. You don't want to rip a hole in your project, so go easy!

Hope you found a new tool for someone special - maybe even yourself!
Check back tomorrow for 6 more sewing tools/gift ideas.
:) allison


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