Gifts for Sewers, Part 2

Did you run right out and buy all of the notions listed yesterday? You should! And no, I don't get kickbacks from Joann's. I wish I did. It's just easy to find what you need there, especially for tools and notions. OK, let's round out our list of things you can buy for your sewing friends and family. Or maybe even yourself!

7. Rotary MatRotary Cutter, and Shape Cut. These are a game changer, people. Yes, they are a little pricey, but they cut down on time, energy, frustration and angst. Winning! What looks like a little pizza cutter and a self healing mat can cut strips lightning fast. Add the Shape Cut, with its fancy little 1/2" slits that the rotary blade fits into, and you are on your way to working in my sweat shop (er...I mean...making professional looking items for you and yours)

8. Storage. Yes. Storage. For Christmas. Yes, yes, yes. We want it. We need it. Please buy it for us. Here is one that I have that I love, I bought it at Target and it's small, compact, but carries lots of my bits. And sewers have bits. Small, awkward things like needles and seam rippers, and....well, you read the last post. Bits. So having a small case for them is great.

This one is nice because it has a level with smaller compartments for even smaller bits. If you follow the link above, or here you'll find one I want for me! A tackle box is always fantastic for bits. And this thread spool organizer. This is key. Mine is in Colorado. I. Miss. It!!!! I'm all excited about storage organizers. 

9. Items they buy in bulk. In fact, if your sewer doesn't buy some things that they use all the time in bulk, they should. For instance, zippers. A standard 7" zipper is $1.29 or more, each. That is not a lot if you use one zipper every few months. But if you run through zippers like I do, wholesale prices are key. I buy my zippers from zipit. They are a shop on Etsy. Say you'd like to buy 50 of those 7" zippers. On zipit, they are only $.36 a piece. Uh-huh. And here is where I get my magnetic snaps and such. There are lots of wholesale suppliers out there on Etsy. And also smaller shops, like Timber Woods Wares who makes interesting supplies like buttons out of tree limbs. You never know what you're going to find!

10. Patterns. Perhaps your sewer is in a rut, or wants to try something new. Find them a fabulous new pattern or pattern book for them to have a crack at. The Bag Making Bible and A Bag For All Reasons, both by Lisa Lam are two of my go-to favorites. These other two I hope to open up and use this year. They have some fabulous ideas in there! Craftsy also has sewing patterns AND online classes!

11. Fabric. Something new, fun and exciting! is a great choice, Tim Holtz is my new obsession, and always be sure to check out your local fabric shops. For me that's Stitch and Sew and Mouse Creek Quilts.

12. Gift Certificates. When in doubt, buy them a gift certificate to their favorite sewing land happy place. They will thank you for taking an interest in their hobby and maybe you'll get lucky and they'll make you something special in the coming year.

psst...this gift card happens to be to Daisy Lane Design. It's going to a very special someone this Christmas who will be learning to sew in the coming year!

:) allison


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