Tonight's Dessert

Everyone has gifted pals.
Two of my pals make delicious things and it is a good thing that I don't live in their homes. I'd like you to meet Glenivia Townsend Handy and Sue Springfield, of Batter Bliss and Critter Cakes, respectively. We all graduated from high school together and in the...several years since then, each of them has launched successful baking businesses. What's great is that they make everything custom, and specialize in meeting the needs of families that have allergen concerns.
Here are my two favorite pictures from their Facebook pages: The cheeseburger cake is from Critter Cake and the pirate cookie you can find at Batter Bliss.

And here are the ladies, not paying attention to me. They asked me to come over and film them for a project that they are working on. More like application than project. But I'm not really supposed to talk about that.
What I can talk about is the craft fair that Critter Cakes will be at tomorrow. It will be held at the Jackson Township Volunteer Fire Co. #1, Station 55 Craft & Vendor Fair. Sunday, October 6, from 9am-3pm.

I got a tour at Sue's house. She had just finished up these apple cupcakes. I got to taste some of these. Delish!

They were going in the fridge. Sue has 3 fridges for cake. 3. Just for cake. These cappuccino cakes were already there, chillin out.

I also go to taste the carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and coconut topping. Also yummy!

And what do you know? As a thank you for helping out, they sent me home with dessert! Those cheesecakes on the end were my favorite :)

 :) allison


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