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Meet Copper
I spend most of my days by myself in my shop, listening to music, cutting and sewing, creating all the lovelies I post and sell in my shop. This week I'm excited to have a little buddy to keep me company. This is our Copper. He has been spending the past month with dear friends of ours while we settle (yes, we're still settling....I's been forever. And we're not done yet - be patient!) Anyway, yesterday he came home and I'm happy to have him around again!
Here he is all snuggly in his bed. 
And here he is looking all sad and pathetic because no one is taking him for a walk. Nobody knows.....the trouble he's seen. Nobody loves him. (Please refer to picture 1 for proof of said delinquent love. He has the most comfy bed in the house!)

A full body shot of full-on pathetic-ness. He's a Treeing Walker Hound. Think Beagle with longer ears and much longer legs. And a big, howly mouth. Our daughter picked him out. He was a rescue dog someone found abandoned at 3-4 months old. The shelter was trying to get pets adopted and Copper was one of the pups available. She turned to us, and insisted that we needed to take home her "cow dog" right there and then. I guess to a 3 year old, he looked like a cow with all those spots.

He sticks close when I am sewing.

 And makes sure to inspect all the inventory before it goes out.

As for our daughter, she's over him. And on to real cows. She wants to be a farmer one day. Who am I to stop her? She even got to milk her first cow this summer!

:) allison


Val said…
<3 love love love
Julie said…
Oh my gosh! My husband and I rescued a treeing walker coonhound! Gorgeous dogs!!!! he used to "track" people when we took him for walks in the park! LOL

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