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Cash Envelopes...
By far, the most popular items in my shop are these little darlings. I have questions about them almost everyday and seem to dream in 1/4 yard color schemes. But a lot of people want to know just what are they and what are they for. Allow me to introduce you...

Cash envelopes are just that - envelopes for cash. They are a custom order item meant to help with cash budgeting and were inspired by a friend who was interested in using more cash and less plastic for her purchases. here is a picture of that first one. Essentially, they consist of an outer (usually chevron) pouch that is lined with a cotton print. There are 6 or 9 (depending on the size you order) inner pockets meant to separate out your budget for your purchases. There is one zippered pouch for coins. The rest are open. Think of making your wallet into an accordion file. Instead of one open slot for cash you have 6...or 9.

Each open pouch has a little plastic window in the upper right hand corner where you can insert a label, so you know what you're saving or budgeting for. Groceries, school clothes, vacation....whatever you like. And if you change you mind and need to reassign a pouch, take the label out and make a new one. Also, they each have a seam on the inside that will hold bills in. Really. Some people don't believe me. I promise, I'm not lying about that. I've even turned them upside down. Bills stay.

However, I also have children. And sometimes with children you need to snug things up a bit more than you usually would. (Yes, blame it on the children.) Which is the great thing about a custom order. Because you can ask for things like: "please make all my pockets with zippers." Ta-da!!

Lastly, there is a pocket on the back of the outside, which I never take a picture of. Mental note: take picture next time. You can slide your checkbook in there, receipts, shopping list, coupons. Whatever.

When an order is placed, people tell me their color preferences. Then, I send them a picture or two of some possibilities. Monogram, anyone?

 Then I cut a selection of inside fabrics with which to make the inner pockets.

Then, lots of assembly takes place.


Sometimes it feels like I work in a Tibetan prayer flag shop. 

 Then I put it all together and mail it off!

The people seem to like it. I have found them talked about on blogs, like this one here and also here.
Weird! And also tons of fun! Ironic that most people buy their cash envelopes with a credit card on etsy, but here's to hoping that going forward they have lots of cash to stash in them!

Have you purchased a cash envelope from DLD? Would love to hear how it's working out for you!

:) allison


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