My Parents Are Awesome....and other things you should know.

It's Been Awhile...
We've been in NJ for nearly two months now, and it's been a jam packed summer! Family events, including a wedding, reconnecting with old friends, making new ones, and settling in have all been on the menu. So I haven't done such a great job keeping up here. But I thought I'd throw this little post out to give you a peek at what's going on in our east coast lives. And pass on some info to any new DLD fans that might have come along recently.
1. My parents are awesome. They have graciously allowed us to move into their house, while we figure out selling ours and finding a new one. So the kids and I have set up camp, husband to follow ;). And that means DLD is here too. So not only are they squeezing three extra people and their noise and mess into their meticulously clean home (we're not meticulously clean) but they have rearranged their formal living room so that I can set up shop. And this is a completely staged, I-just-cleaned-everything-up picture. It's usually a mess and right inside the front door. And my mom just smiles and tells me it's fine. She's a saint. Truly. Here's the work room.

2. I am a one woman shop and most of my sales are custom orders. I don't know if everyone knows this, but when you order something from DLD, you get me - from beginning to end. I write my own patterns, do my own fabric shopping, do all steps of the manufacturing and even manage the shipping. There are laws against putting my 6 year old to work - no matter how much she begs and how straight a seam she can already sew. Soon, baby girl, soon. Here is what your order looks like when you place it: stacks and stacks of chevron and solids, paired with prints on the other side of the room. There are very very few ready to ship items. This way you are getting exactly what you want!

3. I am teaching classes again! A friend of mine owns a fabulous custom framing shoppe in Pt. Pleasant. It is called Great Pacific Frame Shoppe. You can visit her here: Paige also carries fantastic yarn and artwork and is sweet enough to consign to several local handmade businesses as well. Psst: DLD has a little table in there. So if you're local and you'd like to see some things in person, go check it out. And tell Paige I sent you. She's fab. Oh right, classes! Anyway, we'll be having classes there on Wednesday nights! Wahoo! I'm in the process of building the class schedule, but there are a few on the books for Aug and Sept. Just message me if you'd like more info.

4. If you're reading this, you probably have found me on Facebook. But if you haven't checked out the etsy shop, follow any of the links on the right, and they will take you there. Or follow me on Pinterest:

5. We are here. Here is a picture of our new location, The Jersey Shore. The real one. Not the one you see on TV, but the one that is awesome. Yeah, some days it's a struggle to stay home and sew.

:) allison


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