Moving.....aka the Descent Into Chaos

It's a Mess Around Here!
I have a very realistic sense of my housekeeping skills. I am not my mother. She is an "everything has a place and everything is in it's place at the end of the day" kinda gal. I am more of an "everything has a place and if things get within 30 feet of their place at the end of the day it's all good" kinda gal. Compound that with two kids and two home businesses (my husband has one too) and you get the picture. 

I operate in an organized chaos sort of fashion. Here is an example. Several potential jacket bags, and some color combinations, laid out on a work surface so I can look at them as I'm puttering around to see if inspiration will strike. Looks a little messy, but I know what's there. And if there happens to be an empty promo can of Campbell's soup signed by Wayne Gretzky sitting in and amongst, that's ok! Cause really, where do you put something like that anyway? It was probably on a shelf at some point and I moved it out of the way to get to some fabric, and....well.....yeah, i didn't put it back.

However, since starting to pack and having yard sales, this is what things are looking like in a little corner of the workshop. Ack! These things were all stacked and organized so nicely on a table....ah, the good old days. Now it's just a mish mash of packing stuff, some of my kids' toys, my daughter's pretend etsy shop, and my craft show display boxes strewn about. I'm not going to lie, it even stresses me out.

So, I'm choosing to focus on one thing at a time. What's the next thing on the list? What's one box I can pack today? What order can I finish and ship out? There's my nice, clean work surface with some supplies, and the mess blurred out in the background. I'm just giving myself some permission to take a breath. Whew.



jamie said…
good luck friend!! from one "everything sort of has a place" girl to another ;)

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