Goblin Valley State Park

One Fantastically Weird Spot
In the weeks before we move, we're trying to see a few of the spots around the area that we haven't visited yet. Goblin Valley State Park was one of them. 2 1/2 hours away and more or less in the middle of nowhere there's this alien land of rock formations. You approach them from above and all but run down the dirt stairs to get down in there and play!

The kids (and adults) were eager to climb in, out and around these strange mushroom shaped structures.

I kept feeling like the dog from "Up" was going to going to show up at any minute.

Far across the valley is a cliff wall of what looks like the sand drop castles we made at the beach as kids. Lots of nooks and crannies to climb into!

It was so windy we were being sand-blasted most of the time. But I'll take it, knowing full well that later in the summer this valley is probably scorching. With 100 degree temps and heat radiating back from the rocks? No thanks!

Three sentinel goblins bid us farewell. Glad we didn't miss this fun little trip!



Emily said…
Wow! How fantastic!
Anonymous said…
These are gorgeous pictures! Thanks for sharing! :)
Glad you like them! It was a very unique place to visit - if you're ever out in Utah, definitely worth it!

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