Blast From the Past

Fabric Signs
About  a month ago, I was contacted by a woman who had made a purchase from me at my very first craft show. The show was over 5 years ago and I was so intimidated about being there, I dragged my friend Shannon along with me for moral support. So to receive an email so unexpectedly kind of blew me away.

She had purchased two seasonal fabric signs from me, one for fall and one for winter. She wanted to order two more to round out her collection. Plus a third for fun! I haven't made fabric signs in forever! But that is what I first started with, before Daisy Lane Design even existed, when I was just making little things for friends. A fabric sign was probably one of the first things someone offered to buy from me. In fact, when I first decided on Daisy Lane Design as a shop name, the "sign" in Design was italicized to emphasize this point. 

So this weekend, I was working on her order, and I remembered how fun it was! There is a lot of hand-stitching involved in these buggers, so it was nice to not be attached to the sewing machine the whole time. And it was just fun to reflect on how things got started and how they've progressed over the past five years. And I just think they're pretty cute!

Thanks, Kathy, for the walk down memory lane. I'll have this (and the other two) out to you soon!



Kathy Walker said…
For those of you who read Allison's blog - these signs that she makes are fabulous! I was very happy that she agreed to make 3 more for me. Friends and family have complimented the 2 that I have. I'll be very excited to receive the new ones. As you can see from Allison's photo, the 'Summer' sign has her usual flair and expert craftsmanship. Thank you Allison!


Kathy Walker
Thank you Kathy! Glad that you like it! :)
Sewing Mom said…
How cute! I guess picnics are just around the corner.
Dee said…
how fun! this is such a sweet little sign! love it!
Mareenchen said…
How sweet! The sign, the story. Thanks for sharing.

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